JD Chekravarthy Shares His Memorable Experience With Legendary Actress Suryakantham



I saw them In films and never had a chance to be part of
or share screen space with them…..

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Hey, WAIT I WAS LUCKY Enough to share my screen space with none other than SURYAKANTAM Garu…. Wow can you believe none other than the legend

Deemed to be one of the most pivotal actors of the early days of Tollywood,
“ Suryakantam Garu “
lived a fascinating life both in her films and
Off the films.

She is most recognized and well-known as an icon of the violent mother-in-law in the film era, Often associated with her widespread character of a loudmouth.

My knowledge and moments with
Suryakantam Garu.

My first query and question was what was her education qualification?

Because of her articulation and vocabulary (English), The way she used to correspond was equivalent to nothing less than an English professor.

When I asked about her educational credentials Suryakantam Garu told me that she was enrolled in a regular school, but that didn’t last long because her studies were frequently disrupted by financial obligations.

She never could attend the school in any meaningful sense; instead, she received her education through worldly exposure and, more importantly, through personal interests.
In this sense, she was self-educated.

Then my next question….

P.S.: I know that it was mean on my part to ask her but looking at her very healthy and organic lifestyle and diet I had to raise this question to her….

Why She Was Stout Or Heavy Built?

She told me that it was not out of her overconsumption or not putting forth nor exercising but because of an accident that had happened when she was a teenager.

A hefty wardrobe fell on her causing a malfunction in her system which made her grow blubber ( fat ).

She as a growing child had a problem with her heavy body but she never knew that her growing body was one of her heavy characteristics in growth as an actor for eternity.

My Accident:

I met with a little significant accident while shooting for
“ One By Two “ while driving back home after the shoot in the early morning.

After a few days, I joined the shoot after a brief recovery…. Everyone on the set was asking me about my recovery.

She walked towards me and

Don’t Accomplish or invite death it comes on its own as nobody can cheat death.

Be happy that you did not succeed in inviting by speeding your car.

Hereafter have some if not SUM sense and drive slowly.

I am sure you were speeding while driving back home.

I was taken aback by the way she voiced her concern through a very indicative method.

Her Memory:

She had a great mirror memory.
As an actress ( I am talking about when she was in her advanced age when I was doing a film with her called

Once she goes through any amount of innumerable lines and actions with the co-actor reactions are good enough for her to do the same or better performance for any number of times and retakes vying and competing with the young brains was quite astonishing validity.

And what was a more sensationalistic astonishment was that I met her 2 years after the “ ONE BY TWO “ film’s release in another shoot…. 1st thing she asked me was about my mother Dr Kovela Santa ( She was taking her name ) then comes the jaw-dropper for me was that she asked me if I got sorted out my problems with “ Lakshman “?

I was like who? Which Lakshman? She asked me about?
Maybe she got confused with someone else’s issue?

Then she reminded me that he was my contractor for my house!!!!

Then I recollected that I was telling her about the construction problems I was facing with my house in an area called Narayanaguda in Hyderabad with a particular contractor called
“ Lakshman “then.

I forgot but her mirror memory made her remember.


I got so close to her that asked her…. “Hey Granny” why did you not get married?

She said None And Nobody Ever From My Family Or Friends Asked Or Told Or Looked For a Bridegroom for me….

Although women have reached the heights and also the moon in very evolved progress…. But we as women or me as a woman cannot go and ask

“ Hey, I Want To Get Married…. Or Get Me Married Off “

To add I was also an introverted shy individual to raise my marriage topic”
So probably my marriage also
shied away from me.

Though She was saying this in a lighter vein mood I felt very heavy and was feeling heavier for her emotional intelligence in expressing her emotional outburst.

I Feel Bad To Share Or Write About A Legend Who Is Not In Person Anymore But Immortal.



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