Kalavathi Review

Title : Kalavathi
CBFC Rating :
Run-Time :
2 Hrs 16 Mins
Release Date :
Banner :
Good Cinema Group
Cast :
Siddharth, Trisha, hansika, Poonam Bajwa, Vaibhav, Sundar C and Others
Music :
Hip Hop Thamizh
U.K Senthil Kumar
Producers :
Good Friends
Story, Screenplay, Direction : 


Sundar.C who is known for churning out mass entertainers is coming with ‘Kalavathi’, which is a second part to his successful horror film ‘Chandrakala’. This time Sundar  is back with much bigger stars, Siddharth and Trisha along with Hansika who was the lead in his previous film. Lets see how this new part turns out to be.


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Murali (Siddharth) and Anitha (Trisha) are engaged and are about to get married. Murali, Anitha who are in holiday with friends return to home with the news  that Murali’s Father has met with an accident in their bungalow under mysterious circumstances. Strange incidents takes place every night which results to several deaths in the house. What is happenning ? Who is the reason behind the killings and how they find a way out with the help of Trisha’s brother Ravi (Sundar C) forms the rest of the story.




Though there are many stars in the film it is Siddharth and Sundar C who has an ample time of screen presence. Siddharth is decent as Murali and Sundar C as Ravi reprises his role in his previous film Chandralakala.

Trisha looks glamourous in this film, especially in the first beach song.  Though she has a limited screen presence she carries her role well in key scenes which comes in second half.

Hansika played the title role ‘Kala’. Even though her role is also limited, the entire story revolves around her character and she performed well in flashback scenes.


Poonam Bajwa,Vaibhav also played important roles and they made their presence felt. Along with the main cast there are Suri, Kovai Sarala, Radha Ravi, Manobala who are adequate.


Horror Scenes
First Half
Interval Twist
Production Values


Not so gripping second half
Comedy in First Half




Director Sundar C takes a simple revenge point mixed with horror like his previous film ‘Chandrakala’. As a story ‘Kalavathy’ makes us remember ‘Chandrakala’ at most of the times but with the casting  and well executed horror scenes Sundar has succeded in making things workout for ‘Kalavathy’.


First half has some chilling horror scenes which makes the proceedings interesting and has a good twist towards the interval. It is the second half where the plot loses its steam with forced comedy scenes after revealing flashback. But, the film gets engaging in pre climax and ends well.


Dubbing is neat and the film has good production values with decent VFX work. Hiphop Thamizh’s Music is not that good but he impresses with background music. Good Cinema Group banner has done a good job in promotions which created a buzz in audience.

Bottom-line: Routine Ghost Revenge but Well Executed

Rating : 3/5


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