Kiran Abbavaram’s Strange Pattern Of Success And Failures


Kiran Abbavaram has been rose to fame in a very short period. His career has been going in a strange success, failure pattern. If we observe his filmography, his films follows a success followed by a failure followed by a success again. His first film Raja Varu Rani Garu was released in theatres just before pandemic hit the world. It garners good response from its short theatrical run due to COVID. But, became a genuine OTT hit after it started streaming in Amazon.

His next film SR Kalyanamandapam became a boxoffice hit with its superhit songs and father sentiment plot. His next film Sebastian PC 524 disappointed but was praised for its novel point. Then again he scored success with Sammathame an urban lovestory dealt in relatable manner. His next, Nenu Meeku Baga Kavalsinavadini became a failure and then his immediate film Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha scored a hit. After VBVK, Cop Actioner Meter which was released recenly became a flop. So, as per his track record, there are all chances for his upcoming film Rules Ranjan to become a success at the boxoffice.

Coming to his latest film Meter, yes the film got misfired and deserves the result. But, its failure has been exaggerated like it was never seen before failure. Reporting or saying a film is bad is one thing and spewing venom targeting a personal individual whenever they get a chance is a disgrace to those who run and became a part of such propaganda. It was not only happened to Kiran Abbavaram but to many other heroes also in the past. But, many of them bounced back with solid successes. 

Irrespective of success and failure, Kiran abbavaram maintains concistency in doing films and always tries to give his best to the films he work. He also gets involved in scripting and screenplay departments for his films which is very rare among heroes. He is passionate towards films and does hard work to give the best for the film. An actor with qualities like these is bound to shine bright in his career.. likewise let’s hope Kiran Abbavaram too will bounce back with his upcoming films.


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