Konaseema Thugs Movie Review


Title: Konaseema Thugs

CBFC Rating : UA

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Run-Time: 02 Hrs 02 Mins

Release Date: 24-02-2023

Banner: HR Pictures in association with Jio Studios

Release: Mythri Movie Distributors LLP

Cast: Hridhu Haroon, Bobby Simhaa, RK Suresh, Anaswara Rajan, Munish Kanth , Sarath Appani, PL.Thenappan

Music: Sam CS

Cinematography: Priyesh Gurusamy

Editor: Praveen Antony

Producer: Riya Shibu

Directed By: Brinda Gopal

Choreographer Brindha Gopal who teamed with teenage heartthrob Dulqer Salmaan for her debut film Hey Sinamika as the director, this time teamed with another youngster Hridhu Haroon who made an impression with his performance in the webseries Crash Course for Konaseema Thugs. The film stars powerful actor Bobby Simha and is releasing on a pan-India level. The film is releasing on 24 February 2023. Riya Shibu, daughter of top producer, and distributor Shibu Thameens is presenting the film on the HR Pictures banner.


Seshu (Hridhu Haroon) lands in Kakinada jail under unavoidable circumstances. He along with his other inmates Dora (Bobby Simha), Madhu (Munishkanth), etc decides to escape from the jail. Whether Seshu succeeded along with Dora (Bobby Simha) and others from the crux of the story. To find out the backstory as to why Seshu landed in jail, how he is related to Koyila (Anaswara Rajan), and how he escaped from Peddi Reddy who put him in jail, and tough jailer Arogyaraj, one should enjoy Konaseema Thugs in the theatres.


Hridhu Haroon showed what a performer he is. He showed that he can not only act as an innocent guy but also took his acting to new heights while showing emotional scenes involving his lover and also while fighting against the influential Peddi Reddy and jailer Arogyaraj and another prisoner who is against his escape. He elevated the scenes with his natural and realistic performance. His dialogue delivery and body language made an impact.

Bobby Simha is a versatile actor and he made his presence felt with his performance. He with his expressions and emotions elevated the scenes to another level. Bobby Simha and Hridhu Haroon took the film to another level with their performances. Bobby Simha showed a good attitude and arrogance in jail smoking his beedi in a stylish manner.

Anaswara Rajan is good in her role. She performed the role of the dumb girl and she complimented Hridhu Haroon well. Others like Munishkanth, RK.Suresh, Sarath Appani, PL. Thenappan came up with good performances.


Hridhu Haroon


Brindha Gopal’s Screenplay, Direction

BGM, Cinematography

Riya Shibu Top-class Production values


Slow Pace in the first half


Konasema Thugs’ story selected by Brinda Gopal is interesting and intriguing. Brinda however started the story in a slow manner and narrated it in such a way that viewers do not get confused. But this in turn made viewers wanting more as nothing much happens in the first half except for the viewers knowing why Seshu and Dora landed in jail. The story picks up pace only ahead of the interval with the hatching of the escape plan. A couple of scenes in the first half generate interest about the proceedings. The interval block increases interest over the second half.

The second half turns extremely serious and the escape plan is shown in an intriguing manner. The audience get completely invested in the second half and compared to the first half, the second half is racy. The screenplay picks up the pace and the action scenes increase the interest levels. But at times, repetitive scenes creep in, bringing down the intensity. The story finally ends on the expected lines but in an impressive manner. Brinda’s screenplay makes things intense and interesting and the direction is terrific. The realistic treatment of the story appeals to all. Brindha should be complimented for not deviating from the story in the name of commercial elements, comedy, and romance.

Sam CS’ music elevated the intensity. Songs are situational and make much needed impact. He elevated the scenes with his thumping background music. Priyesh Gurusamy’s cinematography is rich, natural, and realistic. He showed the jail scenes in a realistic manner and night shots in a captivating way. The stunt choreography is good and the action blocks are natural. Dialogues are ok and the editing of Praveen Antony could have been better. Riya Shibu who bankrolled the film on HR Pictures maintained good production values throughout the film. Mythri Movies took a special care in dubbing while converting to Telugu version.

Rating: 3.75 / 5

Bottom-line: Konaseema Thugs attracts with thrills and frills.


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