Lively break-up album ‘Single Aayiten Di’ gears up for release


In a bid to change the trend that break-up means a sad song in films and albums, ‘Single Aayiten Di’ produced by SGC Media & Entertainment, directed by Magesh Ram K and music composed by Dharan Kumar has taken shape as a lively break-up album.

The song features Mugen Rao and Teju Ashwini in lead roles and also stars Imman Annachi, Deepa and Prankster Rahul.

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After the success of the album ‘Baby Nee Sugar’ starring Ashwin and Losliya, SGC Media & Entertainment and Magesh Ram K have teamed up again for the album ‘Single Aayiten Di’. It is to be noted that Magesh Ram K has also directed the film ‘Ivan Thaan Uthaman’ starring Mahat Raghavendra.

Magesh Ram K has joined forces with a skilled team for ‘Single Aayiten Di’. Noted director Vignesh Shivan has penned the lyrics, Dharan Kumar composed the music, ‘Cobra’ cinematographer Harish Kannan handled the cinematography and R C Pranav has taken care of editing.

Sharing details about ‘Single Aayiten Di’, Magesh Ram K said, “‘Single Aayiten Di is an album that cheerfully tells break-up is not the end of the life and it should be taken positively. This is the idea behind the album. Normally in romantic albums,
only the hero and the heroine will be there. But in ‘Single Aayiten Di’, there are Imman Annachi, Deepa and Prankster Rahul apart from Mugen Rao and Teju Ashwini. ‘Single Aayiten Di’ has been made like a movie with no compromises in production values. I am sure everyone will enjoy the album, which will be released on March 21 by Sony Music.”

Rubini S is the creative producer of the album. Satish Krishnan has handled the concept and choreography, Karthik has taken care of art direction and Poorthi Pravin is the costume designer. Nikil Murukan handles public relations.

Produced by SGC Media & Entertainment, directed by Magesh Ram K, music composed by Dharan Kumar, and starring Mugen Rao and Teju Ashwini in lead roles, ‘Single Aayiten Di’ is a lively break-up album releasing on March 21 on Sony Music.


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