‘Love Guru’ Movie Review


Movie: Love Guru

Release Date: 11-04-2024

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Duration: 2 Hours 26 Minutes

CBFC Rating: UA

Cast: Vijay Antony, Mirnalini Ravi, Yogi Babu, VTV Ganesh, Ilavarasu, Thalaivasal Vijay, Sudha and Others

Telugu Release: Mythri Movie Makers

Music Director: Bharath Dhanasekhar

Cinematographer: Farooq J Basha

Producer, Editor: Vijay Antony

Written & Directed By: Vinayak Vaithianathan

Vijay Antony, the music director turned Producer, Hero turned director is popular for his ‘Bichagadu’ films. All his films get dubbed into Telugu and opened well. Vijay Antony who is known for unique films for the first time tried romantic comedy which is a family entertainer at its core. The film directed by Vinayak Vaithianathan is produced by Vijay Antony himself. The film is slated to release on 11th April. A special premier was held on April 9th at Hyderabad. Popular production house Mythri Movie Makers are releasing the film in Telugu. Lets checkout how the film turned out to be.


Aravind (Vijay Antony) loses his sister at the very early age and he feels pain with her absence in his life. He remains unmarried even after attaining a secure life by running a cafe in Malaysia. As his parents and friends pressurise him to get married. He half heartedly agrees to marry his relatives girl, Leela (Mirnalini Ravi). But, he instantly falls for her at the very first sight. On the other hand, Leela doesn’t want to get married as she wants to become an actress. Both get married, but Leela was unable to get in terms with her new life. Understanding this, Aravind tries to win Leela by showering love and trying every trick to win his wife. He even turned into hero and producer to make a film with his wife as a heroine to fulfill her dream. Meanwhile, there is a subplot about his long lost sister. How did all these connected towards the end? Did Aravind win Leela? What happens to his sister? Concludes ‘Love Guru’.


Vijay Antony ia ideal choice for the role as a loving husband who tries every way to connect his wife. His natural restrained characteristic is perfect match to the role which needs subtle performance. He did it neatly with commitment and makes the audience rooted for his character. 

Mirnalini Ravi gets a meaty role and she did very well. She looks good onscreen. She showcases her mettle as an actress with a wide range of expressions. Her scenes with Vijay Antony deserves appreciation. Yogi Babu did what he does best and evokes laughs. VTV Ganesh did his part with some hilarious dialogues. Ilavarasu, Thalaivasal Vijay and Sudha added value to the narration. 


Vijay Antony, Mirnalini Ravi


Music, Cinematography

First Half

Production Values 


Predictable At Times


Vinayak Vaithianathan came up with an already familiar story where a girl who is not interested in marriage gets married to an ideal husband who tries to win her by all means with love. But, the way he narrated the story is interesting with entertaining screenplay and characters. The first half is entertaining where Vijay Antony tried all ways to get in terms with his wife.

The second half too runs with a novel point where Vijay Antony makes a film with his wife as a heroine and himself as a hero. Most of the film runs on the sets during the later half. The family drama comes forefront and this feels predictable at times. But the emotional and sister sentiment worked in favour of the film. 

Dialogues by Bhashya Sree who is a regular writer for all Vijay Antony’s films has succeeded in bringing Telugu flavour with his dialogues. Bharath Dhanasekhar’s background music and a couple of songs came out well and perfectly gel with the ongoing proceedings. Farooq Basha’a cinematography is impressive with cool visuals and adds vibrancy to the scenes of the film. Production Values by Vijay Antony Film Corporation are top class. Mythri Movie Makers put in all efforts to make it look like a direct Telugu film. 

Rating: 3/5

Bottom-line: Cool Family Entertainer In Hot Summer


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