‘Love, Mouli’ Movie Review


Movie: Love, Mouli

Release Date: 07-06-2024

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CBFC Rating: A

Run-time: 2 Hours 26 Minutes

Cast: Navadeep, Pankhuri Gidwani, Bhavana, Mirchi.Hemanth, Charvi Datta, Mirchi Kiran And Rana Daggubati 

Produced By: C Space, Srikara Studios, Nyra Creations

Written, Directed And Cinematography By Avaneendra


Navadeep has made his reentry with ‘Love, Mouli’. He introduced himself as Navadeep 2.0 with this film assuring that it would be quite different from what he has made so far. The film has been directed by Avaneendra, a protege of Vijayendra Prasad. Backed by C Space, Srikara Studios and Nyra Creations. Going by the trailer and teaser, the film has bold and intense content which discusses about Love in a new dimension. This has created buzz along with Navadeep touring several cities also brings anticipation about the film. ‘Love, Mouli’ hit the screens today, June 7. Let’s take a look at the review.


Mouli (Navadeep) who left alone with his grandfather after his parents got divorced loves in his own world and he even shut down from the world after his grandfather passed when Mouli was 14. Mouli grewn up as a narcissistic immensely talented painter. He doesn’t about the world. He lives at his resort in Meghalaya. His Manager Harika (Bhavana) sales his paintings. 

One day Mouli wen tto forest and visits Aghora (Rama Daggubati). During their conversation Aghora camera to understand that Mouli is struggling in find what true love is. He left a magic paint brush for him. Ome day Mouli’s painting was sold to his ex girlfriend by Harika which resulted in argument between them and Harika leaves. Mouli with his magic brush paints a girl of his dreams named her Chitra (Phankuri Gidwani). She really ce out of the canvas as human. After a while when Mouli gets clash with Chitra he again paints another version of Chitra with some new qualities, Chitra attributes new qualities and the se thin g happens multiple times. Did Mouli found his love? Did he understand true meaning of love? Who is his ex girlfriend? Forms the rest of the story.


Navadeep kept his promise in reinventing himself as his 2.0 version in the film. He immensely worked hard physically and mentally. His full grown hair and thick beard made him look like an animal and he outperforms all his previous performance. This is undoubtedly his career best performance especially the emotional scenes are terrific.

Heroine Pankhuri Gidwani did exceptionally well. She played many roles with multiple getups showing variation in her performance. Her dedication levels for the film are laudable. Bhavana did well in a modern manager role. Others like Mirchi Hemanth, Kiran gravi Dutta and Akshay Dogre contributed to the narrative effectively. Rana as Aghora is a surprise in the film. He did superbly and it will take time to recognise him as Rana if you don’t know about his presence in the film. 



Pankhuri Gidwani 

Novel Point 

Avaneendra’s Writing And Direction

Govind Vasantha’s Music


At Times In First Half

Predictable Conclusion


Director Avaneendra has come up with a regular yet new.dimeaiom love story. He explores how a boy het to known about what true love is in a poetic as well as intense manner. Bold scenes were aesthetically shot except for a couple of scenes. The first half has slow proceedings with nothing new happening in the plot. But, the second half is where the entire concept and core elements of the film lies. The climax is well handled even though the conclusion is a familiar one.

The film was shot in Meghalaya. The gloomy weather, mountains, valleys lush green places elevates the mood of the film and is perfect for the film. Avaneendra himself acted as cinematographer and extracted what he wanted beautifully. Govind Vasantha and Krishna’s music helped in tonal shifts of the film and elevates scenes. Production values are adequate.

 Rating: 3/5

Bottom-line: Poetic Yet Intense Love Story With Navadeep’s Career Best Act




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