Love You Ram Movie Review


Title: Love You Ram

CBFC Rating: U

Run-Time: 1 Hrs 58 Mins

Release Date: 30-06-2023

Banner: Mana Entertainment, Sri Chakra Films

Cast: Rohit Behal, Aparna Janardhan, Dasaradh, DY Chowdary, Banerjee, Pradeep, Kadambari Kiran, Cartoonist Malik, Prabhavati Varma, Shanti Devagudi and others

Music: K Vedaa

Cinematography: Saai Santosh

Written By: K Dasaradh

Producers: DY Chowdary, K Dasaradh

Director: DY Chowdary

Sensible director Dasaradh has turned producer with Love You Ram. He produced the film along with his friend, DY Chowdary who is also the director for the film. Dasaradh also provided the story for the film. The songs and trailers have created interest among the audiences. The film was released in theatres today, June 30th. Let’s see how the film turned out to be.


Ram (Rohit Behal), a billionaire in Norway who is a self-centered guy decides to get married to evade tax. He sees his wife as someone who works for him without taking any salary. He asks his CEO, PC (Dasaradh) to find a suitable girl. During this process, he comes across his childhood friend Divya (Aparna Janardanan). Divya who got influenced by Ram’s good nature when they were kids came to know about his today’s nature just before their marriage. What follows unfolds further developments in the story.


Rohit Behal’s role is money-minded selfish person. He suited well to his role. He did well during emotional scenes. He looks handsome and his diction is in sync with the story.

Aparna Janardanan impresses in her village girl role. She did too well during sentiment scenes. Director Dasaradh did a full-length role in the film. He evoked a few laughs with his dialogue and expressions. 

Others like Banerjee, Pradeep, Kadambari Kiran, Cartoonist Malik, DY Chowdary, Prabhavati Varma, and Shanti Devagudi are adequate in their roles.


Rohit Behal, Aparna Janardhan

Dasaradh Performance


Emotional Conflict


Predictable at parts


The story by Dasaradh is about Loving truly and winning trust in the name of Love. He established the conflict between these two ideologies in this love story. Director DY.Chowdhary handled the story well establishing true love and then shifting towards the main conflict point. The first half ends with a good interesting twist and the entire second half is focused on the main conflict. Though the film treads on a predictable path at times, the basic conflict between the lead characters made the film work. The way film justifies its theme by making the main character realize his mistake came out well.

K. Vedaa’s music is soothing and melodious. The songs and the lyrics highlighted the emotional feel. The BGM is also in sync with the story and enhanced the mood. SOngs shot well in picturesque locations. The Cinematography by Saai Santosh is impressive. SB. Uddhav did good work and made a crisp runtime. Production values are good and it is reflected in quality output. 

Rating: 3 / 5

Bottom line: Decent Love Story With A New Dimension


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