Meet Akhilesh Kalaru: The Visionary Producer Betting on “Market Mahalakshmi”


The movie ‘Market Mahalakshmi,’ starring Kerintha movie fame hero Parvateesam and heroine Praneekaanvika, is produced under the banner of B2P Studios. VS Mukkhesh has handled all responsibilities for the story, dialogues, screenplay, and direction for this film, which boasts a unique concept. The promotional content of the film has received an excellent response. Produced by Akhilesh Kalaru, this film will be released in theaters on April 19. While the movie unit was busy with promotions, Producer Akhilesh Kalaru interacted with the media and shared interesting details about the movie.

Akhilesh Kalaru, a software engineer based in Indianapolis, US, has stepped into the realm of cinema with unwavering confidence. Known for his passion for movies since childhood, Kalaru’s journey into the film industry took shape when he decided to pursue his dream alongside his professional commitments. As the producer of “Market Mahalakshmi,” Kalaru has demonstrated his belief in director VS Mukkhesh’s vision and the potential of the film.

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In a recent interaction with the media, Kalaru shed light on his background and the inspiration behind venturing into cinema. Despite residing overseas, Kalaru’s dedication to overseeing the film’s production in India showcases his commitment to the project. He credits Director Mukkhesh for efficiently managing the team and bringing the script to life on screen.

The narrative of “Market Mahalakshmi,” a love story with undisclosed twists, reflects Kalaru’s willingness to take calculated risks in the industry. He expresses confidence in the film’s lead actors, Parvateesam and Praneekaanvikaa, emphasizing their exceptional performances that breathe life into their characters.

Addressing concerns about casting newcomers over established stars, Kalaru stands firm in his decision, asserting that each actor has seamlessly embodied their roles. With a crisp runtime and innovative promotional strategies, Kalaru aims to captivate audiences and ensure the film’s success at the box office.

Despite the competitive landscape of film releases, Kalaru remains optimistic about “Market Mahalakshmi” and extends his support to fellow filmmakers. His journey as a first-time producer has been a learning experience, marked by collaboration with Director Mukkhesh and the dedicated team behind the film.

Looking ahead, Kalaru envisions producing more impactful films and solidifying his presence in the industry. With “Market Mahalakshmi” poised for release, Kalaru’s journey reflects the spirit of perseverance and belief in the power of storytelling.

As the countdown to the film’s worldwide premiere on April 19th begins, Akhilesh Kalaru stands as a testament to the potential of dreams turned into reality through unwavering determination and passion for cinema.


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