‘True Lover’ Movie Review


Movie: True Lover
Cast: Manikandan K, Gouri Priya, Kanna Ravi, Harish Nagalakshmi, Geetha Kailasam, Pintu Pandu, Arunachaleswa Pa
Director: Prabhuram Vyas
Music: Sean Roldan
Cinematography: Shreyaas Krishna
Editing: Barath Vikraman
Producers: Yuvraj Ganesan, Magesh Raj Pasilian,
Banners: Million Dollar Studios, MRP Entertainment
Presented by Maruti Team Product, Mass Movie Makers
Release by SKN
Release: 10 Feb 2024

“True Lover” is an eagerly anticipated Telugu Love Story scheduled for release on February 10, 2024. Helmed by director Prabhuram Vyas and backed by producers Nazerath Pasilian, Magesh Raj Pasilian, and Yuvaraj Ganesan. Promising a refreshing take on love, the film explores the intricacies of enduring relationships. Director Maruthi and Producer SKN released the film in Telugu. Let’s check-out the review in detail.


The crux of the film revolves around the love-hate relationship between Arun (Manikandan) and Divya (Sri Gouri Priya). Their connection is a blend of affection and animosity, that binds them together while simultaneously driving them apart. As the narrative unfolds, viewers are drawn into the web of emotions that define their relationship, exploring the reasons that both unite and divide them. The film navigates maintaining a delicate balance between love and resentment that forms the heart of the story. 


Manikandan delivers a stellar performance in a role that’s very challenging to enact. Despite the character’s unlikeable traits, Manikandan’s portrayal is nothing short of remarkable, particularly in scenes where he exudes intensity. His display of emotions and rage, especially in moments of heightened intense scenes, is commendable.

Sri Gouri Priya emerges as a refreshing talent, leaving an indelible mark with her portrayal. Her nuanced performance showcasing a depth and versatility captivates audiences. Kanna Ravi adds another layer of the film with his stylish portrayal, effortlessly embodying his character with finesse. His commanding presence on screen further elevates the overall impact of the narrative


Manikandan, Gouri Priya


Predictable Plot
Repetitive Scenes


Director Prabhuram Vyas ensured that the initial half of the film charges forward with a relentless energy, offering viewers a whirlwind of compelling situations, sharp dialogues, and authentic character portrayals. It effortlessly captures the essence of contemporary youth, depicting their journey through life’s challenges with a style that feels both genuine and relatable. The dynamics between the lead characters, navigating the ups and downs of their relationship like a game of snakes and ladders, adds an intriguing layer of depth to the narrative.

However, as the story progresses into the latter half, the pacing begins to falter, with certain segments feeling drawn out and in need of trimming. Additionally, the prevalence of smoking and drinking scenes throughout the film may feel excessive to some viewers. Nevertheless, the film finds redemption in its climax, where it shines with a distinctiveness and flair that leaves a lasting impression. “True Lover” manages to culminate in a satisfying and memorable conclusion, cementing its place as a noteworthy addition to the genre.

The film receives a significant boost from the musical compositions of Sean Roldan, whose stirring melodies complement the emotional depth of the narrative. His exceptional songs and finely crafted score elevate the viewing experience. Additionally, the cinematography by Shreyaas Krishna stands out as another highlight, capturing the essence of each scene with breathtaking visuals that enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the film. Together, Roldan’s music and Krishna’s cinematography contribute to the film’s immersive atmosphere, enriching the audience’s engagement with the story.

Rating: 3.5/5

Bottom-line: Intense, Impactful, Relatable Contemporary Love Story


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