Nani endorses for popular drink

Nani Endorses Sprite

After being successful in films, Natural Star Nani ventured into television arena last year by hosting Bigg Boss. Now, he entered the advertising world by becoming the brand ambassador for the popular soft drink, Sprite. An ad commercial of Sprite featuring Nani was released yesterday.

The commercial starts with the voice-over of Nani, explaining how the world evolved after the introduction of Sprite in 1961. He then adds that even though the world has changed, the people of all the generations still choose Sprite as their favorite refreshment drink. Nani is revealed towards the end of the ad.

He looks sophisticated and suave at the same time in his new look sported for the ad. On the film front, Nani’s next film Gang Leader will release worldwide on September 13. On the flip side, he recently started shooting for his another film V, recently.


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