Nani Unveils ‘Hi Nanna’: Emotions, Laughter, and Surprises


Natural star Nani shines in the delightful family film “Hi Nanna,” directed by Shouryuv in collaboration with Vaira Entertainment. Starring Mrinal Thakur, Shruti Haasan as a special guest, and Baby Kiara Khanna, the movie is set to release on December 7, generating high expectations with its teaser, trailer, and songs. Natural Star Nani shared the film’s highlights in a press conference, emphasizing its feel-good entertainment.

Q: Did you meet Kannada superstar Shivraj Kumar during the movie’s promotions?
Nani: Yes, I had a fun conversation with Shivraj Kumar about general topics and movies. We even discussed the possibility of dancing together for a song.

Q: Is there a lot of emotional intensity in “Hi Nanna”?
Nani: “Hi Nanna” is described as a very happy film. Unlike “Jersey,” it makes the audience laugh comfortably. The happiness in the movie also comes with a heart-touching emotional aspect.

Q: How do you perceive your involvement in a mass film like Dussehra, considering your approach to maintaining an image and exploring different genres?
Nani: Yes, I did a mass film with Dussehra. However, I don’t see it in terms of maintaining an image. I enjoy exploring different genres and getting out of my comfort zone.

Q: What impressed you about the story of “Hi Nanna”?
Nani: Director Shouryuv’s storytelling and energy impressed me. “Hi Nanna” fills the gap for a sweet and emotional film after a year of spicy action movies.

Q: How aggressively were the promotions for “Hi Nanna” done?
Nani: The promotions for “Hi Nanna” were done aggressively. It’s not just about making a good film but also about reaching out to the audience.

Q: How confident does “Hi Nanna” look?
Nani: The confidence in “Hi Nanna” comes from the belief in its content. I express my positive feelings about the movie, similar to how I appreciate movies as a viewer on social media.

Q: Would you agree to a story similar to the one in Ranbir Kapoor’s “Animal”?
Nani: Yes, I am open to such challenging roles and stories. I enjoy taking on different and challenging roles when they come my way.

Q: Whose idea was it to imitate a politician as part of the promotions?
Nani: The idea of imitating a politician as part of the promotions came up during a discussion with the casual team. It was not initially planned, but it turned out to be a viral and successful part of the promotions.

Q: Can you clarify the role of AI in the music creation process for “Hi Nanna,”?
Nani: It was a mistake in the information. The music for “Hi Nanna” was not created by AI. However, there was a point where AI was used to change Hesham’s voice to a girl’s voice for humming.

Q: How was it working with Sanu John Varghese?
Nani: I express my happiness working with Sanu John Varghese, who is my favourite DVP (Director of Photography). I praise Sanu’s skills as a brilliant cameraman and mention that all three Telugu films Sanu worked on were mine.

Q: What can you say about Baby Kiara?
Nani: Baby Kiara is a super kid with a brilliant memory. Her dialogues reflect her impressive memory, and her acting is mind-blowing.

Q: How do you maintain the trust of the audience?
Nani: I follow my instincts and feelings. I believe that by following what feels right, we can avoid big mistakes. There’s honesty in doing what pleases the heart.

Q: What role does Shruti Haasan play in “Hi Nanna”?
Nani: Shruti Haasan is only in a song; she doesn’t have a significant role in the movie.

Q: Is there any link to Shruti Haasan and Baby Kiara’s mother?
Nani: (laughs) There are some guest appearances and surprise roles, but it’s not something Shruti Haasan’s mother has commented on.

Q: Can you share any “Nani leaks”?
Nani: In “Hi Nanna,” the interval is not called intermission; it is called “hi” (laughs).

Q: Is this the first film for Vaira Entertainment, and are you handling all the promotions?
Nani: Yes, this is their first film, and as an actor, I am involved in handling the promotions. It’s important to provide guidance and understanding since it’s their debut.

Q: How do you see the “family hero” tagline?
Nani: Being seen as a family hero brings happiness. While Venkatesh mentioned seeing me as a family hero later, I like to explore various roles and not stick to one image.

Q: Are you doing a project called Yallamma with Balagam Venu?
Nani: It’s not confirmed at the moment, but Dil Raju mentioned that Venu wants to work with me. I would be happy if he came and shared a story, considering his talent.

Q: What about Hit 3?
Nani: Every idea in the Hit Universe comes to me, and the story is in progress. We will start as soon as the work is done.

Q: Any final words?
Nani: Thanks to everyone for their support and appreciation.


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