“NTR is our God” on NTR centenary celebrations – Padmabhushan K. Padmanabhaiyya


As part of the NTR centenary celebrations, kalayika Foundation Chairman Cherala Narayana, NTR International Caricature, Poetry Awards and Seva Awards were held at the Gymkhana Club in Hyderabad.

k.Padmanabhaiya ,former secretary of Union Home Ministry, was the chief guest in this program,actor Rajendra Prasad, producer Atluri Narayana Rao, Bhagiratha, Income Tax Commissioner Jeevan Lal and others participated Ghazal Srinivas After presiding over the program, NTR Centenary Celebrations Committee Convenor Atluri Narayana Rao, Bhagiratha presented to the guests, “Sakapurushudu”, “NTR Sasana Sabha Speeches”, “NTR Historical Speeches” published by his committee. , books were presented.
On this occasion, Padmanabhaya said that Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao has become the idol of the people with the roles of Sri Rama, Sri Krishna, Sri Venkateswara Swami, Lord Shiva and Maha Vishnu played on the screen, and that he also sees Rama Rao with the same vision as Rama Rao created history as an actor and a political leader. He is said to be a great man who brought honor to the Telugu nation.

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Jeevan Lal said – If Iam here as commissioner today, it is alms given by Rama Rao. He said that it was because Rama Rao started gurukula schools that I did not have the financial means to study there. Jeevan Lal said that I am very passionate about Telugu and Rama Rao’s contribution to Telugu language and culture is extraordinary. It is said that during the middle ages, Krishna temples served the Telugu language a lot, and centuries later, Rama Rao became famous as the Telugu Vallabhu.

Actor Rajendra Prasad said… that his family used to live in Nimmakuru where Rama Rao lived, he also used to live in the same premises and he said that he was born in their Animal house. Rajendra Prasad said that he also entered the film industry with the inspiration of Rama Rao.

Famous producer Atluri Narayana Rao said… NTR is credited with initiating revolutionary changes in politics, and his name will go down in history as a public leader who seeded the public welfare schemes implemented by many state governments across the country today.


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