O Saathiya Movie Review


Title: O Saarhiya

CBFC Rating: U

Run-Time: 2 Hrs 16 Mins

Release Date: 07-06-2023

Banner: Thanvika Jashwika Creations

Cast: Aryan Gaura, Mishti Chakraborty, Devi Prasad, Pushpalata, Annapurnamma, Amrutam Appa ji and others

Music: Vinnu

Cinematography: EJ Venu

Editors: Carthic

Written By: Aryan Gaura, Deepu

Producer: Chandana Katta

Directed By: Divya Bhavana

O Saathiya is made as a pure love story with first love experience as core point. Aryan Gowra and Misti Chakraborty played the lead roles. Directed by Divya Bhavana and Produced by Chandana. The film released today (July 7) ఇన్ Theatres. Let’s see the review of the film.


Arjun (Aryan Gaura) is doing his BTech in Vizag and incidentally, he meets Keerthy in his college. The pair fall for each other. But one thing leads to another and much to the shock of Ajay, his love interest Keerthy goes missing. Why is Keerthy missing?


Aryan Gaura suits the role perfectly and he carried the film throughout. He emoted well and did good during love and sentiment scenes. His chemistry with Mishti stands as highlight. Mishti Chakraborty looks good and did well. She delivered whenever it is necessary.

Others like Devi Prasad, Pushpalatha and annapurnamma are adequate in their roles.


Simple Story and Presentation

Visuals and BGM


Production Values


Slow First Half

Lack Of Big Cast 


The film is made as a cute love story connects with all sections of the audience. The debut director, Divya Bhavana does a fine job at presenting her realistic love drama in a captivating manner. She is ably supported by the cast and crew.

The audio track for the film is a winning one as the songs are good to hear and the BGM is in sync with the core narrative. Emotional dialogue are a standout in the middle portion.

O Sathiya is a beautiful depiction of the first love experience and thus strikes a chord with all sections of the audience.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Bottom line: One of the decent love stories in recent times and can be enjoyed with families.


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