Parari Movie Review


Yogeswaar and Athidhi’s starrer love and crime comedy entertainer ‘Parari’ presented by Gali Pratyusha under the banner of Sri Shankara Arts, directed by Sai Shivaji and produced by GVV Giri. This movie hit the screens today (March 30). Let’s see how the movie came out…


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Yogi (Yogeswaar) and Athidhi(Athidhi) study in the same college. They love each other. Hero’s father (Shyaji Shinde) is a businessman. The hero has two other friends (Jabardast Raghu Karumanchi and Bhupal). Bhupal loves his fellow artist Shivani Saini. These five people are trapped in a murder mystery. They face lots of difficulties to escape from it. At the same time, Yogi’s father Pandey (Makarand Deshpande) gets kidnapped. How did Yogi get out of the murder mystery? How did he save his father from the kidnappers? You need to watch the movie to know how he wins his love with his college mate Athidhi.

Artists Performances:

Hero Yogeswaar is a newcomer, though he performed well. Especially, he is very good with dances and fights. The movie has mass-appealing music, and the hero got the space to showcase his dancing skills. His dialogue delivery is impressive. Athidhi played her role convincingly. Bhupal’s role is okayish. Shivani Saini attracts the youth with her glamor show. Jabardasth Raghu provides comic relief with his superb timing. Ali provides laughs, though he keeps silent. Suman played an important role of a police officer. Shyaji Shinde as the hero’s father too provides a lot of laughs. Also, the artist who played the role of the heroine’s mother is very impressive in her Telangana accent. Bollywood actor Makarand Deshpande has done well in the role of a comedy villain who kidnaps girls and indulges in prostitution. His performance especially in the climax makes the audience laugh out loud. Shravan played his short-lived role as a villain faultlessly. Comedian Jeeva played the role of Swamiji and offers entertainment.

Technicians Performances :

Director Sai Shivaji handled the comedy portions very intriguingly. He made us laugh throughout the movie. The cinematography by Garudavega Anji is first-class. There is richness in the filming of songs and fights. The highlight of the movie is the music composed by Chakri’s brother Mahit Narayan. All the songs are good. The movie has been made on an uncompromising manner. The lyrics written by Ramajogayya Sastry, Bhaskara Bhatla and Mahit Narayan are massy. The editing by the late senior editor Gautham Raju is sharp. Production values are good. Go and watch it.

Story, Screenplay Analysis:

There is always a special interest in love crime and comedy thriller movies. If the screenplay is gripping, you can keep the audience engaged comfortably for two and a half hours in the theater. Director Sai Sivaji who gave the catchy tagline ‘Run for Fun’ to this movie made the hero and his batch to run post the interval. The audience will however enjoy it. While there is enough fun in the first half with fun college episodes, then the director engages the audience with some adult comedy with the Attapuram episode… He gave a twist with the interval bang and made the narrative much more engaging in the second half with a murder mystery. In the middle, the dances performed by the hero, heroine and item girls provide entertainment. The climax has come out well. The action sequences composed by Makarand Deshmukh Pandey and batch are humorous.

Bittom-line : Enjoyable Fun-filled Crime Comedy

Rating : 3/5



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