Priyanka Steals The Show From Deepika


When two major contemporary heroines star in a film together, there was always going to battle of egos. Surprisingly that was not seen during the making or the promotion of the film Bajirao Mastani at all which starred Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone in lead roles.

However now after the release of the film it can be said that all the silence was just a pause before the storm hit. Soon as the film released flurry of activity has started from the camps of heroines. Both are trying to outdo the other in terms of hogging the limelight but it’s clear now that Priyanka Chopra has marched ahead. She has ended up stealing the show under the nose of Deepika Padukone despite the latter playing the title role. Poor Deepika tried her best but a growing word of mouth in Priyanka is just too much for her and her team to contain.


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