Producer SKN Announces Donation of 10 Lakh Rupees to the Telugu Film Directors Association


The Telugu Film Directors Association elections were conducted today, with the panel led by “Gudumba Shankar” director Veera Shankar emerging victorious. Successful young directors Sai Rajesh and Vasshishta secured a significant majority as vice presidents, alongside Veera Shankar, who contested for the president’s position in this panel.

Young producer SKN, renowned for his blockbuster success with “Baby,” announced a generous donation of Rs 10 lakh to the Telugu Film Directors Association’s members’ group insurance scheme during the Vijayotsava Sabha. SKN’s donation is a gesture of support for his friends, directors Sai Rajesh and Vasshishta. Specifically, the donation aims to fulfill the health insurance promise made by his friend Sai Rajesh prior to the elections of the Telugu Film Directors Association. The association’s members expressed their gratitude for the donation from producer SKN, who was met with applause. The contribution by a producer to the directors’ association has been warmly received.

Sai Rajesh made history in the Telugu Film Directors Association elections by securing 576 votes in his bid for vice president, marking the first time in the association’s history that a candidate for any post has garnered such a high number of votes. This achievement is hailed as an evergreen record.


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