RGV Climax Received Unexpected Response

RGV Climax Received Unexpected Response

Director Ram Gopal Varma horror-thriller film “Climax” got released online in RGV World talkies of Shreya’s ET app and it has become the first pay per view based movie that is brought before audiences during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mia Malkova glamour, spicy trailers of Climax film, and back to back interesting promotions of director RGV has grabbed the required attention for the #ClimaxWorldPremiere yesterday and the unexpected response details are disclosed by the director a few moments ago.

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The first thing is Climax is watched by 1,68,596 within a time frame of 12hours that’s a very positive start for the movie-making a 1 crore 68 lakhs in just half a day. Then director RGV has informed that the team of Climax has expected 50,000 views as a start on the first day but unexpected 2,75,000 responses are received to the app leading to a server crash creating a little delay for the user’s to watch Climax but everything was sorted out quickly making 1 lakh plus viewers enjoy the movie online without any issues.

Ram Gopal Varma has once again proved that he is always ahead compared to other filmmakers in marketing his film with Climax and making it successful. Let’s wait for his next film Cironavirus that will be released very soon in another OTT platform.


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