Rudrama Devi Movie Review



How Rudhramadevi (Anushka) brought up as a boy Rudra Deva discovers her feminity and eventually accepts her destiny as a female warrior and queen to save the Kakatiya dynasty is the overall story of the film.


Anushka playing the title of the film appears little jaded and lacking in intensity. There were few scenes where the impact could have been more with a much fierce act. Leaving aside those moments she is fine in an overall sense. Also it is a role that one can’t imagine anyone else but her.

Allu Arjun gets the best character out of all the artists in the film besides the title role played by Anushka. He makes the best use of it by mouthing crowd pleasing dialogues with a different accent than his usual. Nithya Menen again has a small role but she leaves her mark as usual. Catherine is wasted.

Rana is utterly wasted in the end with a poorly written character. Prakash Raj on the other hand is an important presence throughout the film and his dialogues on women are clap worthy.

There are a number of artists in the film like Krishnam Raju, Suman, Vikramjit Virk, Adithya Menon, Vinod Kumar, Raja Ravindra, Shivaji Raja, Jayaprakash Reddy and Baba Sehgal but they all have nothing beyond a scene or two and that too in combination.


Allu Arjun


Poor visual effects


Director Gunasekhar has been out of form for a long time. So, one enters the cinemas with little as hopes as possible. The trailer and its visual quality don’t help the cause either. But to give credit to the director it must be said that he has shown some spark after a long time here.

The story which is taken from real history has been suitably altered. Could it have been better? For sure. The whole track of Rudhramadevi realizing her feminism could have been even more aesthetically. It had all the elements to connect with the audience but ultimately it is not presented properly. Even the final transformation and subsequent takeover of the kingdom after a fight has been poorly executed.

The only plot device that has worked perfectly is the one involving Gona Ganna Reddy. His initial encounter followed by Robin Hood sort of work and the eventual twist related to all the happening previously has come out nicely. If it wasn’t for this track Rudhramadevi would have been completely boring. On the whole it’s a decent watch in the end due to these various tracks even though some of them failed to reach their potential.

Music and background score for the film by Maestro Ilayaraja are underwhelming. Editing is bad and cinematography is bland. Visual effects are poor. Dialogues are good in few scenes.

Bottom-line: Gona Gona Reddy’s Show All The Way
Rating: 3/5


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