Sarpanch movie grand opening ceremony today at Film Chamber


The opening ceremony of the film Sarpanch, which is being produced as a directed by Jatti Ravikumar M.A. under the banner of Gnana Arts Vari Prekshaka Films was held in a grand manner at the Film Chamber today. Boinapalli Hanumantha Rao (National President of National Freedom Fighters Families) was the Chief Guest for this program. Seetharamaswami devotee Sri Sri Sri Pendyala Satyanarayana, High Court Advocate Kudikala Anjaneyulu, B. Ramesh, Anjani, Jatti Rajitha, Akshara Gnana, Anogna, Gnana Siddhartha, Ambedkar Shastri, Bantu Praveen, Potaraju, Prashant, Sampath, Bantu Asrita, Umamaheswara Rao and others participated.

Boinapalli Hanumantha Rao said: My father was a freedom fighter. He is known as Gandhi of Karimnagar. Thank you Jatti Ravikumar for inviting me to this film program. The film is coming under the banner of Prakshaka Films and the film is expected to be a success. He wishes with all his heart that more good films will come out through this banner and develop day by day.

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Producer and director Jatti Ravikumar said: It is knowledge that leads a man and therefore Gnana arts, similarly we have said that the reason for the success of a film is the audience and Gnana arts Vari Prekshaka Films. This movie will start on June 20 and will be completed by 2025. “We sincerely want the support of all the audience for this film.”

Production : Gnana Arts Vari Prekshaka Films
Producer and Director : Jatti Ravikumar
P R O : Madhu VR


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