SARS Movie Review


Title : Seethamma Andalu Ramayya Sithralu
CBFC Rating :
Release Date :
Cast :
Raj Tarun, Aarthana and Others
Music :
Gopi Sunder
Producers :
Shailendra Babu, KV.Sridhar Reddy, Harish Duggisetti
Direction : Srinivas Gavireddy

Raj Tharun has scored back to back hits earning him the name Hat-trick hero. With Seethamma Andalu Ramayya Sithralu he is coming with a new film that takes us back to his debut film Uyyala Jumpala. It’s a village based love story directed by debutant Srinivas. Will Raj Tharun make it four in a row. Let us find it out in the review.

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Story: Sri Ram (Raj Tharun) loves Seetha (Artana) from his childhood days. He would do anything for her like sacrificing his most loved game if it hurts her. As they grow up she moves to town for further studies and becomes a doctor. Ram (Raj Tharun) meanwhile does nothing and waits for her with nothing but sincere love. There is the usual problem with family who arrange a marriage for Seetha (Artana) . How Ram (Raj Tharun) wins the family and marries Seetha (Artana) is the basic story of the film.


Raj Tharun is perfectly suitable for the character. He plays it with an ease that we have been witness to in his precious films. The problem here is there is nothing new on display which makes his act look jaded a bit.

Artana has a predictable role of heroine who initially rejects the love but eventually falls into it. She is just okay in terms of performance.

Raja Ravindra is given a good character but is not fully exploited. Surekha Vani is likable in that small oft repeated role. Shakalaka Shankar is hilarious and is a major plus for the film. Hema in a cameo is good. Adarsh Balakrishnan is wasted in short role that lacks real spunk. Sai Kumar Pampana is alright.




Predictable screenplay
Second half


Director Srinivas Gavireddy has taken a wafer thin plot for his debut. Such plots require a tight screenplay and narration to keep the audience glued to the screen. Unfortunately he fails to achieve that with Seethamma Andalu Ramayya Sithralu.

The film right from the beginning moves on predictable lines. The focus on entertainment means the story is sidelined in first half. It actually begins in the second half and when things start to take a serious turn, they are shown in such childish manner that any interest but is lost. The execution of the climax portion is unintentionally hilarious. It’s just a mess few minutes post intermission.

Music in the film is good. Gopi Sundar has delivered again. The background is adequate. Editing could have been better as lag in felt a lot during the entire run. Cinematography is good and the gives the film rich look even though it’s a small film. Production values are neat.

Bottom-line: Ramayya tried to entertain

Rating: 2.5/5


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