Sound Party Movie Review


Title: Sound Party

CBFC Rating:  UA

Run-Time: 2 Hrs 05 Mins

Release Date: 24-11-2023

Banner: Full Moon Media Productions

Cast: VJ Sunny, Hrithika Srinivas, Shivannarayana, Ali, Saptagiri, Pruthviraj, Chalaki Chanti, Shailaja Priya , Prem Sagar , Bhuvan Salur

Music: Mohith Rahmaniac

Cinematography: Srinivas J Reddy

Editor: Avinash G

Produced By: Ravi Polishetty, Mahendra Gajendra, Sri Shyam Gajendra

Directed By: Sanjay Sheri

VJ Sunny’s Sound Party has captivated the attention of movie enthusiasts with its teaser and trailer. Directed by Sanjay Sheri, the film is set to hit the screens on November 24, 2023. Let’s get into the review.


Dollar Kumar (VJ Sunny) and his father, Kuber Kumar (Shivannarayana), residing in Bodhan, Telangana, embark on a quest for quick wealth through diverse methods. Their trials receive support from family members. As the story unfolds, the story gets intertwined with the characters of Dollar Kumar’s girlfriend, Siri (Hrithika Srinivas), MLA Vara Prasad (Prudhvi Tej), and jailer Rajasekhar (Sapthagiri). The subsequent developments form the essence of the story.


VJ Sunny delivered an impressive performance in the lead role, leaving audiences pleasantly surprised with his timing. His dialogue delivery, and expressive body language, are together made an impactful portrayal. Sunny’s emotive skills and confident presence on screen added depth to his character.

Hrithika Srinivas, making her debut in this film and the niece of yesteryear actress Amani, exuded glamour and charm on screen. Her presence, especially in songs, and expressions showcased a promising start to her career.

Shivannarayana, portraying VJ Sunny’s father, brought a delightful entertainment quotient to the film. His humorous expressions and witty one-liners were a joy to watch. The on-screen chemistry between VJ Sunny and Shivannarayana created a laughter-filled spectacle.

Sapthagiri, in the role of the jailer, added more entertainment with his distinctive mannerisms. Vennela Kishore, narrating the story in his signature style, contributed to the narration. Other supporting actors, including Ali, Chalaki Chanti, Shailaja Priya, Prem Sagar, and Bhuvan Salur, delivered commendable performances.


VJ Sunny’s performance

Comedy Scenes




Routine Shades


Sanjay Sheri, the director of Sound Party, focused on delivering an entertaining experience for viewers. From the opening scenes to the grand finale, Sheri crafted clever dialogues, ensuring continuous laughter for the audience. The seamless blend of screenplay and direction maintained an enjoyable narrative flow, although a bit more pace in the second half could have added an extra edge. 

The music by Rahmaniac exudes youthful energy, featuring a couple of foot-tapping songs expertly shot. The background score enhances the storytelling. Avinash G’s editing is commendable. Cinematographer Srinivas J Reddy skillfully captures the village ambiance, portraying it vividly on screen. The production values stand at a decent level, contributing to the overall quality of the film.

Rating: 3/5

Bottom-line: Hilarious Party


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