Spark LIFE Movie Review


Title: Spark LIFE

CBFC Rating: UA

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Run-Time: 2 Hrs 50 Mins

Release Date: 17-11-2023

Banner: Deaf Frog Productions

Cast: Vikranth Reddy, Mehreen Kaur Pirzada, Rukshar Dhillon, Vennela Kishore, Guru Somasundaram, Nassar, Suhasini, Satya, Brahmaji, Srikanth Iyengar, Annapurna, Raja Ravindra, Chammak Chandra, Abhinav Gomatam

Music: Hesham Abdul Wahab

Cinematography: Ashok Kumar

Editor: Prawin Pudi

Produced By: Ravikumar Byrishetty, Leela Shetty

Written & Directed By: Vikranth Reddy

Vikranth’s SPARK which was released today has created curiosity with the interesting trailer and teaser. With Beautiful Mehreen and Rukshar Dhillon as female leads and happening music director Hesham Abdul Wahab as the music composer, Spark ignites buzz among movie lovers.  Let us find out what SPARK offers to movie lovers.


In the city of Hyderabad, Lekha (Mehreen Pirzada) finds herself captivated by Arya (Vikranth Reddy) to the point where she is determined to make him her life partner, spurred by vivid dreams of him. However, as her dreams seemingly come true and everything falls into place, Lekha is jolted by a shocking revelation about Arya.

The narrative takes an unexpected turn as the audience is drawn into Arya’s enigmatic connection with Jay (Vikranth Reddy) in Vizag. The plot thickens with mysteries surrounding startling suicides, weaving a web that entangles key characters: Ananya (Ruksar Dhillon), Dr. Indira (Suhasini Maniratnam), Major General Bharadwaj (Nassar), Army Doctor Rudra (Guru Somasundram), and a string of police officers including Siva (Brahmaji), Anand (Chammak Chandra), Ashok Reddy (Raja Ravindra), lecturer Rocky (Satya), and YouTube video maker RamBo (Vennela Kishore). How the film explores the web of relationships and secrets forms the story of ‘Spark’.


In his debut role, Vikranth Reddy left an indelible mark, impressing audiences with a performance that elevated every scene and propelled the narrative forward. He displayed versatility and transitioned between the roles of a lover, a caring individual, and a determined seeker of justice. Vikranth’s impressive portrayal showcased a range of expressions and emotions, making him a standout presence on screen. His on-screen chemistry with leading ladies Mehreen and Ruksar added a beautiful layer to the film.

Mehreen graced the screen with her stunning presence, exuding both glamour and grace, particularly in the mesmerizing song sequences. Her on-screen chemistry with Vikranth looks lovely. Ruksar Dhillon, in her significant role, delivered a noteworthy performance, expressing herself with conviction and nuance. Guru Somasundaram, portraying the antagonist, brought intensity to the screen, maintaining curiosity levels among viewers with his powerful expressions. 

Brahmaji and Raja Ravindra, in their roles as cops, bring credibility to their roles. Nassar and Suhasini, with their seasoned acting, elevated the scenes they were part of, leaving an impact with their strong on-screen presence. Vennela Kishore, Chammak Chandra, and Satya provided comic relief with their comedic antics, generating laughter.


Vikranth Reddy


Music, BGM


Production Values


Slow At Times In the First Half


Vikranth Reddy, the director and driving force behind the film, unfolds a compelling and innovative narrative that turns into the intriguing concept of controlling the minds of others. Right from the start, his narration captivates, initiating the audience into an enthralling journey that maintains its momentum throughout. The screenplay, marked by its swift pace, aided with an interesting script. Vikranth, wearing the dual hats of director and storyteller, successfully checks all the right boxes, earning well-deserved acclaim for his debut. A bit more fine-tuning could have made his work reach more heights.

The melodious compositions of Hesham Abdul Wahab worked out well throughout the film. The songs were captivating viewers with their beauty and shot in a visually stunning manner. The music not only adds to the film’s appeal but also breathes life into the narration, enhancing the overall viewing experience. While the background score complements the storyline, providing an extra layer of depth. Pravin Pudi’s editing, though competent, could have seen refinement in the initial stages of the narration. Ashok Kumar’s cinematography, on the other hand, contributes significantly to the visual richness of the story, elevating the film’s aesthetic appeal.

The production values are grandeur, contributing to the overall cinematic experience. “SPARK” not only introduces a novel concept but also showcases Vikranth’s potential, as a director setting the stage for a promising talent to watch out for.

Rating: 3.25/5

Bottom-line: Brain Teasing Thriller


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