‘Tej I Love You’ Will Become A Very Big Hit – Ace Producer Allu Aravind At ‘Tej I Love You’ Grand Release Event


Supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej’s latest, ‘Tej’ with a caption ‘I Love U’ is a fun-filled romantic entertainer with Anupama Parameswaran as a heroine is all set to hit the screens on July 6th worldwide. Karunakaran who is known as a specialist of love stories directed this film while Creative Producer KS Rama Rao has bankrolled this project under his prestigious ‘Creative Commercials Movie Makers’ banner. As the release date is getting closer, A grand release event was held on Tuesday evening. Producer Allu Aravind has launched big ticket in the event. On this occasion,

Supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej says, ” Love Magician Karunakaran has been entertaining us doing love stories for 20 years. He has given many beautiful movies for us. This is a very important film in my career which Karunakaran garu directs and KS Rama Rao garu produces. Doing this film is a beautiful experience. I enjoyed every day working on this film. Thanks to KS Rama Rao garu for supporting us. He never compromised in making. I believe everyone will love this film.”

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Film Producer KS Rama Rao garu says, ” When I was doing radio publicity, everyone knows me as Radio Rama Rao. During that time I traveled with Allu Aravind garu, Aswini Dutt garu who are great producers. I feel lucky that today I am sharing this stage with such great producers. I reached this stage today due to Heroes and Directors who worked with me making films in my banner. At that time whenever Ashwini Dutt produced a film, I used to wonder how can he make films on such a grand scale. I traveled with him doing radio publicity for his films. Aswini Dutt who is younger than me did films with NTR garu. I learned a lot observing him. Allu Aravind garu is known for his perfect planning in making movies without going over budget. I observed him too. Aravind garu is a very senior producer and now he is Producing young talented producers who are working like soldiers. He is making an army of young producers, actors in the industry. Aravind garu laid the foundation with his planning for the glory of Chiranjeevi garu. Now there are 11 Heroes from Mega Family. All of these are doing quality films in a very disciplined manner. Al of this was achieved due to the planning of Aravind garu. Sai Dharam Tej is the main reason to make this film. The film came out very well. Karunakaran worked very hard for this film. He took special care for Music. I thank Gopi Sunder, Darling Swamy, Andrew for giving their best to this film.”

Ace Producer Allu Aravind says, ” Even though I was the first to Produce films with Chiranjeevi garu, KS Rama Rao gari journey with Chiranjeevi garu started at the same time. I used to envy him when he brings Illayaraja as Music Director and shoot songs in Kashmir before me. I used to compete with him in producing films. I want to share a thing about Rama Rao garu. Sometime back his films became failures. At that time I met him and asked: “Is everything okay?”. He replied, ‘Boss I don’t think about profit or loss. I will invest my last rupee on films, I will stay in films and I will die in films’. Hearing this I was dumbstruck. Seeing how passionate he is, I questioned myself am I passionate like Rama Rao garu towards films. We can see such passion in Aswini Dutt. He is mad about films. I am lucky to have them as friends who are so much passionate about films. After ‘Tholi Prema’ I went to meet Karunakaran and said that I want to make a film with Chiranjeevi garu and Pawan Kalyan in his direction. He said ‘Sir, don’t offer me such a huge project suddenly. After you leave here I can’t keep my senses properly. It will take time to process’. That film was not materialized. But, I still wish to do a film with them. Our family has a very good relation with Karunakaran. He made films with all heroes. Coming to ‘Tej I Love U’, I watched the trailer and I liked it a lot. The film will become a very big hit. Teju is not only a good actor but also a very good person. I know the hardships he faced, hard work he did to become a Hero and especially to make his mother happy. He is very dedicated and He has decades of bright future ahead. When I asked about the failures of his last few films, He replied,’ I know they won’t work. But, I gave my word to them.so, I did them.’ That’s how much he is committed and always value his word to others. All The Best to all Actors and Technicians of the film.”

Star Producer Aswini Dutt says, ” KS Rama Rao garu said that he was inspired by me. it’s not correct. When I was studying in Montessori School, KS Rama Rao garu worked as assistant director for Director KS Prakasa Rao garu. In those days we feel great to meet Rama Rao garu in Suryarao Peta. We feel proud of him. Even today, I feel our films lacks the music his films have. All The Best to KS Rama Rao garu and to the entire unit.”

Director A.Karunakaran says, ” Heroes and Producers supported me a lot since my journey from ‘Tholi Prema’. Without them, I can’t make this far. I feel very emotional standing before them today. I made only a few films but, worked with top producers. I am extremely happy today.”

Chamundeswarinath says, ” I know KS Rama Rao garu since 30 years. He supported me a lot. I wish ‘Tej’ to become a big hit.”


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