‘The Trial’ Movie Review


Title: The Trial

CBFC Rating: UA

Run-Time: 1 Hr 39 Mins

Release Date: 24-11-2023

Banner: SS Films Productions, Commonman Productions

Cast: Spandana Palli, Yug Raam, Vamsi Kotu & others

Music: Saravana Vasudevan

Cinematography: Saikumaar Daara

Editor: Srikanth Patnaik

Produced By: Smriti Sagi, Srinivas K Naidu

Written & Directed By: Raam Ganni

“The Trail,” featuring Spandana Palli, Yug Raam, and Vamsi Kottu, directed by Raam Ganni, is set to hit the screens on November 24. The film’s teaser and trailer have raised the interest of movie enthusiasts, promising a thrilling experience. Lets get into the review.


SI Rupa (Spandana Palli), finds herself under suspicion in the mysterious death of her husband, Ajay (Yug Raam), who tragically falls from the terrace on their wedding anniversary. The narrative unfolds as Investigation Officer Rajeev (Vamsi Kotu), decides to reopen the case. The crux of the investigation revolves around the pivotal question: was Ajay’s demise a result of suicide, or was it a carefully orchestrated murder? forms the rest of the film


Spandana Palli skillfully exhibits the complexities of her role. Her portrayal with impeccable dialogue delivery, and emotional performance was a treat to watch. Her on-screen presence was commendable, and she carried herself with grace and confidence throughout the film.

Vamsi Kotu, in the role of the investigative officer, delivered a strong performance, capturing the right body language as a befitting cop engaged in a thorough investigation. Yug Raam brought forth a compelling portrayal of a husband grappling with emotional vulnerability, showcasing a range of wide emotions. His performance resonated well with the character’s complexities, contributing to the emotional depth of the narrative. The rest of the cast performed their roles with aptitude, contributing collectively to the overall success of the film.



Story, Screenplay, Direction





Few Repetitive Scenes


Director Raam Ganni delivers a captivating thriller with “The Trail,” maintaining an enthralling narrative from start to finish. His effective handling of twists and turns keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. The screenplay is not only tight but also carries a pace. But, as the film happens at indoor locations amidst limited characters, it feels repetitive at times. 

One of the highlights of the film is the well-executed interval block, skillfully crafted to leave audiences craving for more, that carries into the second half as well. The screenplay keeps viewers guessing until the final moments, and the climax provides a satisfying and fitting conclusion to the story.

Saravana Vasudevan’s background music immerses viewers deeper into the storyline. Shrie Saikumaar’s cinematography is captivating. The editing by Srikanth Patnaik ensures a seamless flow. The dialogues are thought-provoking, and add another layer to the storytelling. The production values are commendable, reflecting a commitment to delivering a high-quality cinematic experience. “The Trail” stands as a testament to Raam Ganni’s directorial finesse in making a compelling and memorable thriller.

Rating: 3.25/5

Bottom-line: Interesting Investigative Thriller


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