This Year Ends With ‘Software Sudheer’ Spreading Smiles Across The Audiences Faces – Producer, Actor K Sekhar Raju 

Software Sudheer Sekhar Raju, Rajasekhar Reddy Pulicharla

Sudigaali Sudheer who is quite popular with TV shows like ‘Jabardasth’, ‘Dhee’, ‘Pove Poraa’ is starring as a hero in a film titled ‘Software Sudheer’ co-starring ‘Raju gari Gadhi’ fame Dhanya Balakrishna as a heroine. ‘Software Sudheer’ is produced by Popular Industrialist K.Sekhar Raju in Sekhara Art Creations as production no – 1. Rajasekhar Reddy Pulicharla is debuting as director with this film. The film is releasing in a grand manner on December 28th all-over. Ahead of its release tomorrow, Producer, Actor K Sekhar Raju, and Director Rajasekhar Reddy Pulicharla interacted with media at Film Chamber, Hyderabad. On this occasion,

Producer, Actor K Sekhar Raju said,

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From An Employee To Owner of A Company

I came from a village near Bheemavaram. I was born in a middle-class family and came to Hyderabad as a normal person. I worked for a monthly salary of 2500 from 2005 to 2008 in a glass mart traveling by cycle every day. I started doing glassworks contracts on my own from 2008 starting with Geetham College and established Sekhara Glass Works. Currently, I am running my own company with 90+ staff from 3 places. Bheemavaram is known as a hometown for artists. Maybe it is one of the reasons why I got attracted to films.

Inception Of ‘Software Sudheer’

I liked the story narrated by Rajasekhar Reddy Pulicharla and launched the Sekhara Arts Creations banner. I approached Sudigaali Sudheer as fits perfectly to the story and made ‘Software Sudheer’ introducing him as the hero. Dhanya Balakrishna did the role of the female lead. Hero Sudheer did complete justice for his role. He will definitely get a very good name and fame with this film. We shot this film in exotic locales of Malaysia along with Hyderabad. It is due to the immense support of the entire team, we completed the film within the time as per our initial plan. I watched the film and it came out very well. I believe the audience will surely enjoy this film at the end of this year. I did a full-length role in this film. Rajasekhar Reddy has vast experience in the direction department. He came up with a very good story and executed it perfectly. He will become popular with this film. We are releasing the film on December 28th all-over.

Strong Message Along With Ample Entertainment

The story runs in the software industry backdrop. The film has ample entertainment along with emotions. It also carries a strong message. One should watch the film to find out the link between Software Sudheer and Farmers. Gaddar gari role will impress everyone. Siva Prasad garu did a key role. Fight masters Ram – Lakshman, Ram Prasad, Gowtham Raju, Bheems… everyone gave their full support. Thanks to them. Thanks to BA Raju garu who gave his complete support in promoting our film. 

‘Software Sudheer’ Is A Thorough Entertainer Carrying Comedy And Emotions Equally

Director Rajasekhar Reddy Pulicharla  Said,

Experience In Direction Department

I started my career as a writer. Like everyone else, I roamed around production offices with my script 10 years ago. Finally, My mentor Sampath Nandi garu took me to his direction department. I worked as an assistant writer and co-director for him. I also worked for Posani garu for some films. I worked as a writer for Kona Venkat garu. I worked as a writer for ‘Sapthagiri Express’. I narrated this story to my Producer Sekhar Raju garu and he okayed this script in a single sitting.

Family Entertainer 

This film will surely entertain Sudheer fans as well as the common audience too. The entire family can happily watch this film and enjoy. This film has all elements along with entertainment, a common man expect from a film. The current burning issue we discussed in the film will be thought-provoking.  Though we haven’t followed the regular path, we made this film within the commercial zone along with a very good point. This film will have Sudheer mark comedy along with many thrilling aspects. Considering the craze Sudheer has among the audience, we chose the title ‘Software Sudheer’.

Everyone Will Remember Gaddar’s Role

Gaddar garu sang a song and also featured in it. The audience will remember his role for a long time. Thanks to him. Dr. N Siva Prasad garu who has passed away recently did a very good role in this film. Nasser, Posani Krishna Murali, Indraja, Prudhvi, Sayaji Shinde did key roles. ‘Software Sudheer’ is releasing in a grand manner on December 28th. I have confidence that people will love and support our film.


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