Tollywood Star Directors Flattered With Sye Raa

Directors about Sye Raa

With a lot of expectations Megastar Chiranjeevi’s “Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy” movie released today on a grand note in five languages. Positive talk is heard from the premiere shows overseas for Sye Raa film and it continued for the benefit shows and for the regular shows. Mega fans are on cloud nine with the hit talk for Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy from all sections of the audience.

Film circuits from all the five languages are lauding Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy and even in the social media people are showering praises on the movie. Tollywood star directors like S.S.Rajamouli, Sreenu Vaitla, Krish, Meher Ramesh, Harish Shankar, Anil Ravipudi, Bobby are flattered with Sye Raa and expressed their experience of watching the film through their official social media accounts.

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S.S.Rajamouli tweeted as,

“Chiranjeevi garu breathed life into Sri Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy. He rekindled the fires of the lost history. @IamJagguBhai garu, Namma @KicchaSudeep @VijaySethuOffl #Nayanatara & @tamannaahspeaks – all the characters are engrossing and interestingly intertwined with the story.”

Sreenu Vaitla tweeted as,

Watched #SyeRaa ..our Megastar #Chiranjeevi garu has lived in the character of Uyyalawada Narasimha reddy in every frame to take us down the history lane . Every craft must be mentioned for its hard work n dedication which reflects throughout . Hearty congratulations to mega power star #Charan for his love n passion towards cinema .@DirSurender needs a special mention for bringing up the story of our freedom fighter.. #nayantara , @tamannaahspeaks have lit the screen with their presence.

Krish Jagarlamudi tweeted as,

A big salute to #MegaStarChiranjeevi garu for making the memory of the grand rebel #UyyalawadaNarasimhaReddy into an imperishable historical legacy with #SYERAA. Hats off to @DirSurender for a brilliant execution and #ProudSon & Producer #Charan for an extraordinary production.

Meher Ramesh tweeted as,

వెండితెర కన్న బంగారు కల
సైరా నరసింహ రెడ్డి 🗡
ఉయ్యాలవాడ చరిత్రకారుడి జీవితం
చిరంజీవి గారి నట విశ్వరూపం !🗡
రెండు కళ్ళు చాలలేదు🙏🏻నరసింహస్వామి పూని నటించినట్టుంది 🙏🏻
రామ్ చరణ్ తండ్రి ఊహలకు ఊపిరి పోసి ,సురేందర్ సారథ్యంలో గొప్ప చిత్రాన్ని ,స్ఫూర్తి ని అందించారు

Harish Shankar tweeted as,

“ఈ రోజు చరిత్ర మళ్లీ పుట్టింది.. “చిరంజీవి “అయ్యి౦ది………. Exceptional work by @DirSurender hats off to Mega Power Star Take a bow to MEGA STAR 🙏”

Sampath Nandi tweeted as,

What a Visual’s a dream come true watching megastar in an epic attire …Mesmerising moments and breathtaking performances..Hearty congratulations to my #megastar, #megapowerstar, @tamannaahspeaks & @DirSurender Anna

Anil Ravipudi tweeted as,

“MegaStar roars on the screen as Narasimha Reddy. Hats off to Ram Charan garu for believing in the project and bringing this epic alive. Superb taking Surender reddy garu. Mindblowing visuals @RathnaveluDop garu @tamannaahspeaks good job..”

Bobby tweeted as,

Blockbuster reports everywhere. Chiranjeevi cinema first day ticket ante…ippatiki oka achievement ye.. Aayana fans vese okko whistle aa makers ki asservadam lantidi… I sincerely thank #RamCharan on behalf of all Megastar fans for making it happen.My best wishes and thanks to @DirSurender and entire team.


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