Trailer Of Ganesh Bellamkonda’s Debut Film Swathimuthyam Promises A Breezy Rom-com


Swathimuthyam is a feel-good family entertainer produced by Suryadevara Naga Vamsi under Sithara Entertainments in association with Fortune Four Cinemas. Ahead of its release for Dasara, the film’s trailer was launched today.

The trailer hints at a perfect entertainment package with loads of humour, refreshing romance, family emotions and good music. The trailer starts like any other boy-meets-girl story but a hilarious twist in the life of the male protagonist invites confusion ahead of his marriage.

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Initially, Ganesh expresses his liking for Varsha. He has made up his mind that she’s his soulmate and the girl reciprocates similar feelings towards him. Just when they look set to tie the knot, an unexpected problem turns Ganesh’s life on its head and leads to a series of misunderstandings. How does an innocent Ganesh overcome the roadblocks in his life? The exchanges between Ganesh and Rao Ramesh ensure rip-roaring laughter.

“This is a story of an innocent boy from a small town and how humour is born out of a few wacky situations in his life. The characters in the film will be very relatable. I am thankful to Ganesh for accepting this story. Varsha was my first choice for the film and she has done a fabulous job. Veterans like Naresh, Pragathi Suresh, Rao Ramesh, Goparaju Ramana were like an extended family on set. Though it may appear like a regular family entertainer, there’s an interesting conflict in the film. I am grateful to Vamsi garu for his support and Mahati for his fantastic music,” shared director Lakshman K Krishna.

“I heard the story of Swathimuthyam before COVID-19, believed in it and Sithara Entertainments agreed to it immediately. I am thankful to Vamsi garu for making this happen. I am nervous about watching myself on the big screen. It’s an enjoyable film for all age groups. Cinematographer Suryaah, editor Navin Nooli, composer Mahati and art director Avinash Kolla made for a strong technical team. Varsha never treated me like a newcomer and she was so cordial and I only had to react to a situation while acting with her,” stated Ganesh.

“I am hopeful that many of you will like the trailer. I can see smiling faces. It’s a huge thing for an upcoming actor to get an opportunity in a big production house and I’ll always be indebted to Vamsi garu for the same. I come from a small town too and I see a similar innocence in Lakshman, his writing and the film. I am excited to watch the film on the big screen too. Ganesh is a fine actor, his discipline and chivalry on sets are amazing,” said actress Varsha Bollamma.

“This is an ideal family film that will work best for the festive season. I am sure audiences will watch it in big numbers. The film needed an innocent-looking face as a lead and hence we picked Ganesh. Swathimuthyam will have good entertainment and impressive performances,” mentioned producer S Naga Vamsi.

Swathimuthyam promises the viewer an engaging confusion comedy in the garb of a family entertainer with terrific on-screen chemistry between the lead pair. The film, slated to release for Dasara on October 5, stars Ganesh and Varsha Bollamma in the lead. Directed by debutant Lakshman K Krishna, the film has music by Mahati Swara Sagar.


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