Vishwak Sen’s Breathtaking Epic Gaami Collects A Worldwide Gross Of 20.30 Cr+ In 3 Days, Into Profits


Mass Ka Das Vishwak Sen’s breathtaking epic Gaami is turning out to be a huge blockbuster, for its budget. The movie which was made on a limited budget received a unanimous talk for its novel story, non-linear story-telling, brilliant performances, and exceptional technical and production values.


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Gaami in its three days of run earned a worldwide gross of 20.30 Cr+ and it has turned into a profitable venture for all the buyers in all areas. While the movie which reached the breakeven mark in most of the areas in two days alone, has attained the mark on the third day in the rest of the zones. The movie is close to half a million mark in the USA.


Besides winning the appreciation of critics, Gaami is becoming a big commercial hit, which we hardly ever get to see. All the hard work put in by Vidyadhar Kagita, Vishak Sen, and others is paid off with the film’s remarkable show at the box office.


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