Why Pawan Kalyan Loves SJ Surya So Much?


Before Atharintiki Daredi and Gabbar Singh, SJ Surya gave the biggest hit to Pawan Kalyan with Kushi. Ever since, Powerstar Pawan Kalyan has had a high opinion on the director. Even after Puli, Pawan Kalyan was ready to do a film based on the story written by SJ Surya. Remember the film to be directed by Raju Sundaram and produced by BVSN Prasad? Then they also fixed 1Cr for that story too.

Now after all these years Powerstar is still showing great eagerness towards SJ Surya. The star has reportedly loved the new story brought by him. Doesn’t it show the immense love and faith of Pawan Kalyan on SJ Surya when he is ready to produce it as well? Surely this news is bound to bring double “Kushi” to fans!

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