‘Yatra 2’ Review

Movie: Yatra 2 

Run-time: 2 Hours 10 Minutes
Cast: Jiiva, Mammootty,Ketaki Narayan,Mahesh Manjrekar, Suzanne Bernert,Subhalekha Sudhakar
Director: Mahi V Raghav
Music: Santosh Narayanan
Cinematography: R Madhi
Editing: Shravan Katikaneni
Producer: Shiva Meka
Banners: Three Autumn Leaves, V Celluloid
Release: 8 Feb 2024


Director Mahi V Raghav captivated audiences with his poignant portrayal of YSR’s life journey in the film “Yatra,” highlighting the pivotal role of his Paadayatra in securing electoral victory. Now, in a highly anticipated sequel, “Yatra 2,” Raghav delves deeper into the post-YSR era, centering the narrative around his son, YS Jagan’s life following his father’s demise. The film gets released today. Let’s get into the detailed review.


The story unfolds against the backdrop of the 2009 Andhra Pradesh election campaign, set in motion by the untimely passing of Chief Minister Rajashekara Reddy (Mammootty). As events unwind, we witness the trajectory of Jagan Mohan Reddy’s (Jiiva) political ascent and the intricacies of his personal journey. Meanwhile, the formidable figures of Sonia Gandhi (Suzanne Bernert), the president of the Progress Party, and the opposition’s Telugu Nadu chief, Chandra Babu (Mahesh Manjrekar), try to tackle Jagan’s meteoric rise in Andhra Pradesh’s political landscape. 

Mammootty’s mastery as an actor shines through once more. In “Yatra 2,” his brief appearances continue to captivate audiences with depth and resonance. Jiiva, enacting the role of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, delivers a commendable performance, seamlessly capturing the essence of the character and his mannerisms with finesse. Subhalekha Sudhakar’s portrayal is commendable, adding depth to the narrative. While Mahesh Manjrekar’s performance is solid, the actress portraying Sonia Gandhi impresses with her act.


Jiiva, Mammootty


Emotional Moments

First Half


Moments In Second Half

The first half of “Yatra 2” delves into the turbulence surrounding YSR’s passing and Jagan’s alleged confrontations with the Congress-led Central government. Jagan’s steadfastness is effectively presented by Director Mahi V Raghav. Particularly through Subhalekha Sudhakar’s rousing dialogues that elevate his persona, resonating deeply with his supporters.


The film presents real-life events of Jagan’s incarceration and electoral setbacks in 2014. While some dialogues and emotional moments strike a chord, the narration could have been better, especially at some moments in the second half. The director seems to sidestep controversial elements, although characters are named after real individuals. 

Overall, “Yatra 2” serves as a retrospective of events from YSR’s demise to Jagan’s 2019 electoral triumph, aiming to remind audiences of the injustices faced by Jagan and his subsequent rise to power against all odds. The film succeeds in conveying its intended message. Along with the background music by Santosh Narayan which heightens the emotional resonance of the scenes, the production values and cinematography by Madhi stand out admirably.

Bottomline: Impressive & Emotional Biopic 
Rating: 3.25/5


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