“A Masterpiece” will be a superhero movie we are proud of – Hero Arvind Krishna at Teaser Launch


After different movies like “Shukra” and “Mataraani Mounamidi,” director Suku Purvaj is making a new movie, “A Masterpiece.” Manish Gilada, Arvind Krishna, Jyoti Purvaj, and Ashu Reddy are playing the lead roles, with Srikanth Kandregula and Manish Gilada producing the movie “A Masterpiece” under the banner of Cinema Bandi Productions, along with the prestigious film production studio Merge XR. This movie aims to provide the Telugu audience with a new concept superhero movie experience that combines mythology and science fiction. The “A Masterpiece” movie teaser release program was held in Hyderabad today. On this occasion:

Cinematographer Sivaram Charan said, “Thanks to director Suku Purvaj for giving me the opportunity to work on ‘A Masterpiece.’ Arvind Krishna is poised to enter another league with this movie. If Manish were on set, there would have been a lot of positive vibes. If he had been there, we all would have been happy. I want this movie to be a good break for Manish, who is making his debut as a villain. I gave my best efforts as a cinematographer. ‘A Masterpiece’ is a rare film in Tollywood.”

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Actor and producer Manish Gilada said, “First of all, I would like to congratulate Nation Power Star Pawan Kalyan. I am his fan. Pawan entered politics with a lot of passion, and I am happy to see him win the AP election. After 17 years of efforts, I am standing in front of you and speaking like this. We thank our parents for this. So far, I have been a good father, a good son, a good friend, and a good businessman. Now, I debut as an actor. I am happy to be playing a villain in the movie ‘A Masterpiece.’ I hope to impress you in the villain role. This masterpiece is a master class. Arvind Krishna is my best friend. We studied together. Director Suku Purvaj is making this movie with great vision. We hope it will be a memorable ‘A Masterpiece’ movie in all of our careers. Together with our cast and crew, we have created a wonderful film.”

Director Suku Purvaj said, “We have seen many superhero movies in world cinema. I also like a lot of superhero movies. I started the movie ‘A Masterpiece’ with the idea that if we add the background of our mythology to a superhero character, we can create our own native superhero film. This includes the soul of our mythology. We have designed the hero and villain characters with the background of Jaya and Vijaya from the Bhagavatam. We took the role of Shiva as a link to combine mythology and science fiction. It does not exist in the Puranas, although written as a fictional character. That’s why we wrote ‘Myths Reimagined’ on our poster. The movie ‘A Masterpiece’ started as a small project. Manish Gilada and Srikanth of Cinema Bandi Productions joined the production when the film’s scale needed to expand. Merge XR, which does post-production for Hollywood movies, joined our team. The VFX done by them will amaze you. I cannot forget the support given by hero Arvind Krishna, producer Manish Gilada, producer Srikanth, and Merge XR on this journey. Without Manish Gilada, this project would not have reached this scale. Arvind Krishna is like a brother to me. Some people suggested trying another big hero for a superhero movie. I envisioned a hero with a personality like Arvind’s as a superhero. My wife, Jyoti Purvaj, is playing an important role. Currently, the shooting has been completed except for the climax. We are going to shoot the climax for ten days. My team supported me a lot in making this film. This is the first part of the movie. We will reveal the release date soon.”

Producer Srikanth Kandregula said, “Suku was alone when the movie ‘A Masterpiece’ started. After that, I joined the project. We started this project to create a proper superhero movie in Telugu under our Cinema Bandi banner. Manish was very supportive when I wanted to take the movie to another level. Both Arvind and Manish are like brothers to me. Our entire movie team worked like a family. I completely entrusted Manish with the project as I couldn’t take care of it while I was in the US. I came from Goa for this teaser launch for Manish. Prajay joined from Merge XR when the film required heavy VFX. There are more than 1,500 VFX shots in this movie. Thanks to Yogi, Regional Head of Merge XR.”

Heroine Jyoti Purvaj said, “I got to know you through serials and am now entering the film industry as an actress with the movie ‘A Masterpiece.’ My personal life took a turn during the shooting of this film as I got married to Suku. Since then, Tollywood has become my stepping stone. I hope you liked the teaser of ‘A Masterpiece.’ Director Suku told me about my character in the movie. The entire team of this movie has become like a family. I want to continue doing movies from now on.”

Executive producer Madhav said, “Thanks to our mentor Suku Purvaj for giving me the opportunity to work on the movie ‘A Masterpiece.’ Cinema is his world, and he is always thinking about the movie. Arvind Krishna will gain a very good reputation after this movie. Without Manish, this project would not have turned out so well. Thank you to producer Srikanth, Jyoti, and other team members.”

Hero Arvind Krishna said, “I had a son before I was offered the film ‘A Masterpiece.’ I want to be like a superhero to my son. At the same time, Suku offered me this movie. Manish and I are college friends. After seeing us in the principal’s room, our parents saw us on the same stage today. We invited our parents to this program to show them that we have become achievers. I get emotional when I talk about Manish. He is always supporting me in my life. I have not done anything for him. Even now, he produced this movie for me. Manish, I want to do something good for you and make you proud. I don’t know how to thank you. Suku Purvaj is like a guru to me. When I left films, he encouraged me, saying a hero like me should be in the industry. I did the movie ‘Shukra’ under his direction. Suku recently got married, but he spends most of his time discussing movies with me. This makes Jyoti angry. For a few days, we will give you your husband back, Jyoti. Seeing the output of the movie with confidence, I can say ‘A Masterpiece’ will be a superhero movie that we can be proud of.”

Actors: Manish Gilada, Arvind Krishna, Jyoti Purvaj, Sneha Gupta, Archana Ananth, Jayaprakash, etc.

Technical Team:
– Cinematography: Sivaram Charan
– Music: Aashirvad
– Editors: Suku Purvaj, Manoj Kumar B, Shiva Sharwani
– Costumes: Udayashree Purvaj, Salina Williams (UK)
– Stunts: Raj Kumar Gangaputra
– PRO: GSK Media
– Banners: Cinema Bandi, Merge XR
– Producers: Srikanth Kandregula, Manish Gilada, Prajay Kamat
– Written and Directed by: Suku Purvaj


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