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‘Atharva’ is a unique film: Hero Karthik Raju

We have seen numerous films in the genre of crime suspense thriller. However, 'Atharva' is the film that will show the importance of the...

‘Atharva’ Will Have The Elements To Please All Sections: Producer Subhash Nuthalapati

The film 'Atharva' is a crime suspense thriller that depicts the importance of Clues team in solving a crime case. This movie is presented...

Arun Vikkirala: Calling Sahasra intertwined with thrilling twists and an interesting message

  Sudigali Sudheer, known for weaving a captivating spell with his performances on the small screen, is now poised to mesmerize audiences with the much-anticipated...

Atharva Will Appeal To All Sections Of Audiences Big Time: Director Mahesh Reddy

  The upcoming film 'Atharva' will show the importance of the Clues team in cracking criminal cases. This movie is presented by Nuthalapati Narasimham and...

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100’s of Shah Rukh Khan fans are set to travel from...

Here is why more than 100 of Shah Rukh Khan fans are making the journey from abroad to India for Dunki! Inspite of Dunki releasing...