A Word Of Caution From Chiranjeevi

Chiranjeevi about Corona awareness

The COVID19 impact is increasing with each passing day and everyone across the world are getting into self-isolation zone for safety against the dangerous virus. Celebrities are doing their part to bring awareness and sharing safety measures to be taken by all to fight against the coronavirus and now even Megastar Chiranjeevi has gave a word of caution to the common man through a special video.

A one end half minutes video featuring Chiranjeevi where the Megastar has mentioned not be panic and to be safe taking required preventive measures against the spread or being infected by coronavirus shared by the Konidela Pro Production house. Chiranjeevi’s spoken completely in Telugu to bring more awareness so it can be reached to all sections of the people in both the states and the smart idea of using pictures for to the safety measures to be taken from COVID19 is implemented perfectly in the video. So folks don’t panic about coronavirus and be safe.

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