Adivi Sesh Confirms That Bollywood Remake Is Shelved


Young hero Adivi Sesh has gained the goodwill of bankable hero in the Telugu film industry with back to back hit movies. It wasn’t an easy task for Adivi Sesh and he passed many hurdles to reach the stage winning the confidence, hearts of the moviegoers with his films. His recent hit Evaru has become the highest collected movie to date in his film career and the hero feels he has worked with more disciple to continue the success form in Tollywood.

Today Adivi Sesh had a quick question and answer session with his fans on the Twitter platform. In a short span of time, a huge number of questions popped up and Sesh has patiently tried his best to answer most of the questions. The majority of the fan’s questions were about his next Hindi debut Major, Goodachari 2, Evaru sensation at the box office, the unexpected twists in Evaru that impressed audiences in theatres.

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One of his fans questioned the “2 States” movie the hit Hindi remake that got launched long back and was supposed to be the debut of Rajasekhar elder daughter Sivani in Tollywood. Twitter asked whether the movie got shelved and Adivi Sesh gave a simple answer as “YES” to the question. Now with Adivi Sesh answers it is officially confirmed that 2 States movie is shelved.


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