Adivi Sesh Evaru Teaser Talk

As mentioned by the hero Adivi Sesh the teaser of his upcoming film “Evaru” is released online by his lucky charm Samantha Akkineni today. Evaru teaser has all the elements that are required for a mystery crime thriller at right propositions and the editor of the video confirms it with his skills.

Evaru teaser starts off with the rape attempt on Regina Cassandra in a hotel room then in the next frame Naveen Chandra is shown dead on the floor. As usual, Regina is arrested on the murder chargers but she is framing herself as a victim of the circumstances and it’s a self-defense act. Cut to Adivi Sesh is brought into the picture as Vikram Vasudev, Tamil Nadu state police to dig deep into the actual truth of the case. From here on multiple layers of the suspense elements in the movie popups introducing several other key characters from Murali Sharma to Pavithra Lokesh, Nihal Kodhaty to Ravi Varma is shown in the teaser.

Then the final twist is given in the Evaru teaser as whether it’s a rape case or murder case or whether both are not the true incident happened on that day. Regina Cassandra has got a performance-oriented role this time and she is throughout the teaser looking beautiful, strong, evil and with other shades to her role. The background score is haunting credit goes to Sricharan Pakala and Vamsi Patchipulusu camera work looks promising in the teaser.

Overall Evaru teaser is interesting and hints that director Venkat Ramji, his team has given an intriguing murder mystery thriller and making Adivi Sesh take the charge of the whole proceedings in an engaging presentation. Watch the teaser of Evaru and post your thought on it in the comment box folks.

Click Here To Watch Evaru Teaser


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