Allu Aravind Clarifies About ‘Covid +ve’ Reports


For the past few days, there have been reports claiming that renowned producer, Allu Aravind contracted COVID-19 despite taking two doses of Covid vaccine.

Aravind took it upon himself to clarify the reports and released a video through which he addresses his experience with COVID.

“Yes, it is true that I have tested positive for Covid-19. But the rumors which claim I contracted the virus even after taking two doses of Covid vaccine are false. I took a single dose of Covid vaccine,” he said.

The acclaimed producer added that getting vaccinated is essential.

“I and two of my friends recently visited a village. I and another friend of mine had taken the Covid vaccine while the other hadn’t. All three of us contracted the virus. I and my other friend who had taken the vaccine recovered from the virus fairly quickly. We suffered from light fever for three days and we are feeling better now. But the third person who did not take the vaccine is currently hospitalized. I have observed that those who are vaccinated are not facing serious medical conditions after contracting Covid. I hereby urge everyone to get vaccinated,” he concluded.


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