Arvind Swamy Impresses As MGR In Thalaivi

Aravind Swamy As MGR In Thalaivi

One of the most awaited biopics of the year 2020 is “Thalaivi” and it has a lot of expectations in movie buffs because of various reasons. The first thing is obviously Kangana Ranaut playing the reel life character of actor turned politician Jayalalitha then the second thing is Arvind Swamy portraying the legend MGR on the big screen.

Today on the occasion of MGR birthday the look of reel life looks of MGR that is played by Arvind Swamy is unveiled. Arvind Swamy impresses as MGR in Thalaivi and he appears perfect with very close resemblance to M. G. Ramachandran.

Arvind Swamy portraying the legend MGR and his look of MGR is more effective with naturality and he has suited to the reel life character with a lot of similarities to the legendary actor. Starting from the hairstyle to costumes to mannerisms hero Arvind Swamy has brought the soul into MGR look and especially no prosthetic made the look more appealing to have an instant connection with everyone.

AL Vijay is directing this trilingual biographical movie and it will have a simultaneous release in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi on 26th June 2020. Vishnu Induri and Shailesh R. Singh are producing the biopic of Jayalalitha on Vibri Media and Karma Media And Entertainment banners.


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