Audience Will Laugh Nonstop In Theaters Watching F3: Rockstar Devi Sri Prasad


Victory Venkatesh and Mega Prince Varun Tej’s F3 is releasing on May 27th. The hype and expectations around the movie are super high. Devi Sri Prasad who composed music for F2 has come back for F3 as well. The songs released so far have got excellent responses. Devi interacted with the media on this occasion.

How entertaining is the F3 going to be?

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The film will entertain thoroughly, which is a guarantee. Anil Ravipudi wrote and shot wonderfully. I almost fell down laughing while doing the RR. The smiles made the stomach chuckle. There is healthy humor in F3 like EVV and Jandhyala films. It has entertainment as well as a message. That message would also be great. Venkatesh did wonderfully. He is very cute in this movie. Varun Tej also did wonderfully. Tamanna, Mehreen, Rajendra Prasad, Sunil, Ali .. all gave a hilarious performance. F3 has more entertainment than F2.

You gave blockbuster music in F2. Huge expectations are on F3. Were you stressed?

Working with director Anil Ravipudi will not be stressful. It’s like watching a movie when he says the script. He acts like Venkatesh garu when he tells about his character. When he tells about Varun Tej, he acts like Varun Tej. He also enacts like the heroines. In fact, Anil is a great actor. The timing of the movie is evident from the fact that he acted so well. Also, he makes movies very fast. There are more situational songs when it comes to F2. In F3, we did songs that were not only situational but also generally connected. Lub dub Dabbu, life ante Itla Undala songs are part of the story so that everyone can be connected

F3 album became a super hit. What is the best compliment you received?

There was a super response to the dub dub dabbu. The audience also felt songs like ‘Oo ante Itla Undala’ is also different and very new. Anil Ravipudi saw the entire re-recording of the movie and said I did it wonderfully. He said a hundred hugs and a hundred kisses to me.

Yours and Dil Raju’s combination is a chartbuster combination. All songs are super hits. How is your journey with Dil Raju?

Our relationship is more like a family than a music director – producer. What I like about him is his passion for cinema. There is no success he has not seen. But he takes every movie is as exciting as his first movie. He talks to me about the music for every film he makes in production and asks for my opinion. He has good faith in my judgment. We talk about cinema. If the movie is good, it has the quality of being appreciated by both of us. I think the passion we both have for cinema is the reason for the good success.

Is it harder to compose an item song than a melody? You will always succeed in special, item songs. What is the Secret to Your Success?

There is a difference between melody and item songs. Melody has a base. The scene, and the story has to be based on something like this. But the item song is meant specifically for entertainment. It’s not even a rule. Options increase whenever there is no rule. So to me, it’s more like a music lover than a composer. I enjoy the music before. I compose a tune and see if I will dance to it. When composing the tune if get a josh, I will believe everyone will enjoy it. That’s the secret.

What kind of competition is there between music directors in the industry?

We do not be competitive. When a good product arrives, we look at it and get inspired. We think it would be nice if we could do a song like that. And there will be no competition.

Rowdy Boys, Good Luck Sakhi, Aadavallu Meeku Joharlu’s music is good but the movie did not reach properly. How do you take such a situation?

Rowdy Boys is my favorite album. But had to be released suddenly. Good Luck Sakhi and Aadavallu Meeku Joharlu are my favorite albums as well but did not reach as much as we expected. However, we enjoy the progress of the music. I will be happier if it reaches. So sometimes success comes bigger than we expect. An example of this is Rangasthalam. The film is released in Telugu but I got name all over the country. Nee Kallu Neeli Samudram was a super hit as well. Pushpa got me Pan India applause.

It is like we are forever dependent on Chennai for music. How do you see it?

Music is a general thing. It’s not just about the movie. It depends on the number of learners in an area. Many musicians settled in Chennai. Also, the number of people practicing music here is high. There are music schools here. However, music schools are on the rise in Hyderabad as well. Parents are encouraging children in this direction.

How does it feel to work with Salman Khan again?

Our super hit combination. We have delivered super hits. He likes me a lot.


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