‘Bhimaa’ Movie Review


Movie: Bhimaa
Release Date: 08-03-2024
Cast: Gopichand,Priya Bhavani Shankar,Malvika Sharma,Vennela Kishore,Raghu Babu,Nassar,Naresh,Mukesh Tiwari,Chammak Chandra,Poorna,Rohini,Sarayu
Director: A.Harsha
Music: Ravi Basrur
Cinematography: Swamy J Gowda
Editing: Tammi Raju
Producer: KK.Radhamohan
Banner: Sri Sathya Sai Arts


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In Bhimaa, Gopichand portrays a charismatic and playful cop with a unique approach to dealing with criminals. His character becomes a thorn in the side of Bhavani (Mukesh Tiwari), who rules Mahendragiri. Amidst his adventures, Bhimaa finds himself smitten by Vidya (Malvika Sharma), a school teacher with a deep admiration for Ravindra Varma (Nassar), a healer known for his use of medicinal leaves. Ravindra Varma’s request for a favor sets off a chain of events that completely alters Bhimaa’s life.  To uncover the full story and understand the repercussions of Ravindra Varma’s favor, as well as Bhavani’s attempts to escape Bhimaa’s pursuit, forms the story of Bhimaa.


Gopichand’s portrayal of the playful cop in Bhimaa is commendable. He brings a level of energy and charisma to the role that hasn’t been seen in his recent performances. His macho looks and powerful screen presence are sure to be a hit with the masses, earning him high praise. Additionally, Gopichand showcases a nice variation in his character, adding depth and dimension to his role.

Malvika Sharma shines in her role, especially during the pre-climax, where her character gains more weight in the narrative. Priya Bhavani Shankar has a limited role. She looks good onscreen. Naresh, Vennela Kishore, Mukesh Tiwari, Raghu Babu, and Chammak Chandra also deliver commendable performances in their respective roles, contributing to the film’s overall appeal.


Action Elements


Routine Shades


Director A. Harsha’s incorporation of a fantasy element into this mass-action drama adds an intriguing layer to the narrative. The film starts on a captivating note, setting the stage for an engaging narrative. The mass scenes and the climax are handled with precision, showcasing Gopichand in a formidable light. However, the depiction of the love track falls short of expectations, proving to be a major drawback that somewhat dilutes the overall impact of the film.The interval episode further intensifies the stakes, setting the stage for an eagerly anticipated second half. The action sequences in Bhimaa are another highlight, being superbly conceived and executed, adding to the film’s high-octane appeal.

Bhimaa truly shines in its final half-hour, where the emotions, powerful dialogues, key twists, and heroism elevation scenes are neatly executed. This culminates in an intense showdown that resonates strongly with the audience. The well-conceived action sequences, coupled with Ravi Basrur’s impactful background score, elevate the film’s high-voltage moments. Overall, Bhimaa delivers a gripping cinematic experience, albeit with some shortcomings in its storytelling. 

Swami J. Gowda’s cinematography in Bhimaa is truly exceptional, particularly in capturing the essence of the night sequences. The production values of the film are also commendable, adding to its overall visual appeal. While the songs are decent, it is Ravi Basrur’s background score that truly stands out, elevating the impact of the film’s mass appeal.

Rating: 3/5

Bottom-line: Gopichand Shines In This Action Feast


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