Concept Trailer Of Naveen Bethiganti’s ‘Raamanna Youth’ Unveiled At The Hands Of Acclaimed Director Sekhar Kammula


Actor Naveen Bethiganti was catapulted to fame by the 2019 release ‘George Reddy’. ‘Raamanna Youth’ is the title of his movie as a leading man. He has also written and directed it. Producer Rajini is bankrolling it on Firefly Arts. The film has completed its production and post-production works. It is gearing up to be released in theatres soon.

An entertaining political drama, the film’s Concept Trailer was today released at the hands of super-talented director Sekhar Kammula at an event held in Ramanaidu Studios, Hyderabad.

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Speaking on the occasion, Sekhar Kammula said that the trailer is so nice. “I gather that the film is about a young activist who gets disillusioned with a political leader despite being a staunch loyalist. This is a story we know of in real life. What happens to the foot soldiers who do everything that they can for political leaders? Naveen has succeeded by coming up with a pertinent point. There is a need for youngsters with novel ideas to enter the film industry. That alone will take the industry forward. I began my journey with small films. It appears that the team of ‘Raamanna Youth’ have worked really hard. I hope the film becomes a hit.”

Tagubothu Ramesh said, “We regard Sekhar Kammula and Sukumar as intelligent directors. Naveen is a good friend of mine. Every actor wants to be a writer and direct movies. Naveen has made a solid attempt. I will be seen in a strong role in this film. I got to experience Naveen’s directorial talent. I hope this film fetches me a good name further. It should fetch recognition for the entire team.”

Director and hero Naveen thanked Kammula for releasing the trailer. He added that his film doesn’t favour or go against any particular political party. “This story is about a young man at the bottom of the political system. How others influence his life is what the film is about. There is no hero or heroine as such in the film. The story involves six major characters. I just believed in the story and went ahead. My producers too believed in the subject. Everyone who worked on the film had a similar belief. And our belief will pay off, we hope.”

Actor Srikanth Iyengar said that everyone worked really hard in making the film. He wished director-actor Naveen and the rest of the team all the best.

Actor Aneel Jela said, “I have been friends with Naveen from childhood. His father taught us Mathematics. I hoped that he will live to see our growth. Unfortunately, he is not with us today. For Naveen, ‘Raamanna Youth’ is his dream project. We have played very good roles. It’s the wish of new artists to play such well-written roles. We hope this film becomes the big one for us.”


Naveen, Srikanth Iyengar, Thagubothu Ramesh, Rohini, Aneel Jela, Yadamma Raju, ‘Taxiwala’ Vishnu, Amulya Reddy, Kommidi Vishveshwar Reddy, Jagan Yogiraju, Bunny Abhiran, Manya Bhaskar, Venu Polasani.


Screenplay and Direction: Naveen
Banner: Firefly Arts
Producer: Rajini
Music: Kamran
Story: Naveen, Bhavani
Cinematography: Fahad Abdul Majeed
Editor: Rupak Ronaldsan, Naveen
Sound Design: Nagarjubna Thallapalli
Colorist: Shivakumar BVR (Sarathi studios)
Executive Producer and Co Producer : Siva M.S.K
Art Director: Lakshmi Sindhuja
Costume Designer: Ashwanth Byri, K. Prathibha Reddy
Production Manager: Swarna Latha
Publicity: Mayabazar Designs
PRO: GSK Media
Label: Madhura Audio


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