Director Teja Announces Heroes And Titles Of His Next Two Films

Teja announced new movie

Director Teja celebrates his birthday today. On the special occasion, he proclaimed titles and heroes of his next two films. Gopichand and Rana will associate with Teja for one film each.

Teja registered the titles Rakshasa Raju Ravanasurudu and Alimelu Manga Venkata Ramana for these films. However, the interesting aspect here is Teja released the posters without mentioning the names of anybody including heroes. So, for now, it is uncertain, which project Rana and Gopichand will do among these two?

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Teja is expected to announce producers and other casts of the film very soon. He has already completed a writing script for these films.

It is known that Teja gave the biggest break for Gopichand with Jayam and he provided a memorable hit to Rana with Nene Raju Nene Mantri.


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