Five Reasons To Watch Kajal’s Sita Movie


Mumbai Beauty Kajal Aggarwal is actively participating in the promotional activities for his “Sita” film along with the cast and crew from past one week. Starting from giving interviews to print media to electronic media, YouTube channels and not to forget Kajal’s bold pictures in social media, the filmmakers are doing everything possible to bring audiences to cinema halls on the release date. Sita is slated for a grand release on 24th of May, 2019 and these are a few prime reasons to watch the movie.

1.Kajal Aggarwal

Kajal is playing the title character of Sita Mahalakshmi in the movie and the Sita trailer has hinted the character shades of the heroine to the audiences. Even though Kajal is known for her glamour roles but she is a potential actor and she proved it every time she was given an opportunity. Be it her debut film Lakshmi Kalyanam followed by Chandamama, Do Lafzon Ki Kahani, Awe, Nene Raju Nene Mantri in those flicks we can sense Kajal acting skills. Even in Sita, you are going to see one of her career-best performance, because every time she teamed with director Teja, Kajal scored marks as an actor along with scoring hit at the box office.

2. Director Teja

Cinematographer turned director Teja has a unique style of telling his stories to audiences. There is honesty in his plots that’s close to reality and a logic filled screenplay to engage along with quality comedy are present in his movies. After facing back to back flops, Teja bounced back correcting his mistakes with Nene Raju Nene Mantri and Sita is next after a commercial hit with Rana and Kajal. The trailer, teaser, songs of Sita hints the old Teja style and audiences trust that he has the potential to make a perfect commercial potboiler with a unique concept.

3. Hero Bellamkonda Sreenivas

Bellamkonda Sreenivas is blessed to star in films that have super hit directors, star heroines and top production houses bankrolling his movies. All his flicks till date have story revolved around him with more action, dances, entrainment to establish him as a commercial hero. But for the first time Sreenivas has come out of his comfort zone and doing the character of Raghuram that’s entirely different from his previous films. With the promotional content of Sita, we can sense a never seen Sreenivas will be presented before audiences by director Teja.

4. Villain Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood is best known for his villain roles and post Aagadu in 2014 he did not sign any straight Telugu movie. But he is back to Tollywood with Sita movie and it’s his character Basava that attracted him to be part of this project. The character arc of a villain must have been so strong and very prominent in the storyline to make a busy Bollywood actor like Sonu Sood be on board for Sita and director Teja has done the needed. For everyone missing the Pasupathi of Arundhati, Basava of Sita will entertain with the same intensity and performance. Sita can be considered as a comeback film for Sonu Sood in Telugu film industry.

5. Storyline and Technical Team

The storyline of Sita is more of a modern-day Ramayana with characters of Sita played by Kajal, Bellamkonda Sreenivas as Raghuram and Sonu Sood as Basava. Teja has given his spin to the plot make the modern day Sita character who is greedy for money, power, no family emotions or attachments, then Raghuram who is away from the curial reality world meets his nephew Sita from 20 years and his priority is to take care of her. Then the villain Basava similar to Ravana makes a property deal with Sita, the rest of the story revolves around these three characters and their situations. Director Teja for all his films teams up with a good technical team which he carried for Sita too with music by Anup Rubens, cinematography by Sirsha Ray and editing by Venkateswara Rao Kotagiri. Passionate Producer Anil Sunkara who is known for his knack in delivering a quality cinema stands as another reason to catch ‘Sita’ in theatres.


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