Hilarious Entertainer Konchem Hatke Is Releasing On April 26


Avinash Kumar’s film ‘Konchem Hatke’, produced under the banner of Abhimana Theater Pictures, stars Guru Charan and Krishna Manjusha in the lead roles. Krishna Ravuri provided the story for this movie. The release date has been recently announced, with the film set to release on April 26. Famous director Nandini Reddy attended the press meet as the chief guest. On this occasion,

Nandini Reddy said, “I laughed a lot after watching the trailer. It’s been a long time since I laughed this much. Thirteen years ago, I also made a short film. I made a film with artists who were unknown at the time. With the help of the media, the film reached the audience. I hope the media will also take this movie to the people. When we were thinking about who to invite as guests for our film event, Rajamouli and Keeravaani came because of Kalyani Malik. If I were a director, I was determined at that time that I must go if someone called me. The vision of the film’s director, Avinash, is evident. Krishna’s writing is good. KM Radhakrishna is lucky to be behind this movie. The Telugu audience will always support a movie with good content. I want this film to be a big success.”

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Director Avinash said, “I think everyone liked the trailer. Nandini Reddy is my favorite director. I wanted to make a film with a new story and a different concept because of Kalathapaswi Vishwanath garu. That’s why we chose a new title. There are no traditional hero-heroine roles; there are characters. This movie is based on the concept of people from different worlds coming together to make a film. We made the film to be very entertaining. Our film needs the support of the media,” he said.

Writer Krishna Ravuri said, “Some people think that success comes from hard work, while others think that success comes from luck. But everything happens in its own time. Success comes only when everything comes together. The film is set to release on April 26. Looking at the outside world brings new characters and new stories. The film keeps you laughing throughout. We need the support of the media to reach the audience,” he said.

Guru Charan said, “I played the role of Madhav in this film. I will be seen as a character who is trying to grow as an actor. It would be nice to make a movie within a movie. This movie will make everyone laugh. It’s not regular; it’s very new. The songs in this movie are best experienced in the theater. Every role is important. If you watch this movie with your groups, you will connect better. Everyone should watch our film and support it,” he said.

Krishna Manjusha said, “I played the role of Priyanka Reddy in this movie. I will be seen as a character who lives very freely. A situation arises where she has to prove herself. She wants to become a film director. It’s good to see how she achieves her goal. Everyone is laughing comfortably after seeing the trailer of the movie. Good responses are coming from the audience. She asked for the support of the media.”

Actors: Guru Charan, Krishna Manjusha, and others

Banner: Abhimana Theater Pictures
Directed by: Avinash Kumar
Production: Abhimana Theater Pictures
Author: Krishna Ravuri
Music: KM Radhakrishnan
Editor: Manju K Reddy
Cameraman: Anil Mallela
Line Producer: Navya Potla
PRO: Vamsi Kaka


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