Hit Teaser Talk – Intriguing Thriller


Vishwak Sen and Ruhani Sharma starrer crime thriller film “Hit” teaser is unveiled today. Natural star Nani is Producing this Thriller Film and it looks like a promising intriguing thriller from start to end. Here are the few things that’s shined in the Hit teaser grabbing the required attention raising expectations on the movie.

Background score given by music director Vivek Sagar, it has quite different from what we have listened to compared to his previous films. Then the camera work by S Mani Kandan looks amazing and especially the night low light shots in Hit teaser are damn good. Vishwak Sen as a cop it is something that Telugu audiences are not used to earlier, his screen presence, the unique voice added weight into his character. The suspense element of the antagonist is maintained and presently raising curiosity about the content of the movie and this is one of the best parts by debutant director Sailesh Kolanu.

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Overall teaser has the elements that are required for an engaging suspense thriller with a strong technical team, actors backing them and more details about the movie will be revealed in the trailer. Watch the Hit teaser below and post your thoughts in the comment box folks.


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