I Am Glad To Have Been Part Of Balamevvadu Says Model And Dancer Nia Tripathi


Nia Tripathi, who is a model by profession, and a trained dancer by passion, is making her acting debut with Balamevvadu, a film that is releasing tomorrow in the theatres. Nia played the heroine in the film, and as a part of the promotions, Nia spoke about her working experience, character, working for Tollywood and a lot more.

What is Balamevvadu about and what is your character in it?

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Balamevvadu focuses on a lot of aspects, and one among them is the medical Mafia. Mainly during Covid, you have seen many things like how medicines were not available and people were paying huge money to get the medicines. You will likely know the good side and bad side of the medical industry. How people can play with patients’ emotions, mainly few doctors. But it’s not only about the medical Mafia, it’s about making the public aware about all kinds of medical issues happening. And also the film has a very pure and beautiful love story which everybody is going to enjoy. The film is a proper package and nobody will be disappointed after watching this movie.

Coming to my character, I am playing Parineeka. Parineeka is a very mature girl and she is a fighter basically. In the movie she has cancer and the film deals with how she fights against the medical Mafia. It’s all about her tough Journey. I think for any actor in the beginning of her career playing something like this is very challenging. But at the same time I am grateful and blessed that I got the chance to play a very beautiful character in the beginning of my career, where I could show and portray myself better.

How did you bag the chance for the film?

After a modelling career in Mumbai, I was in Hyderabad. I was giving auditions. Mallikarjun, the casting director, just sent my profile to the director sir and the team. Then the director sir called me and sent me a scene from the film. He asked me to record it and send it to him. So I did an audition for that and they liked my audition and I got the part.

How was the working experience?

My working experience in the movie was actually very very exciting and great. Because this is my first movie, I learned a lot as an actor. I grew as an actor because the director sir is extremely good and he helped me in improvising my talent brilliantly. In the process I got to know my strengths and my weaknesses. So for me it was a great learning experience throughout the movie.

Have you acted before in any films? Tell me about your career.

No, I have not acted in any movies. This is my debut movie. I have done a few projects, which I cannot say now. Once it is out I will be able to discuss that. But yes I am working in Hindi as well. I am doing a project in Hindi that will be announced soon. And yeah I started my career from modelling so I worked for Malabar gold and santoor advertisements.

Where are you from? What did you study?

I am basically from Madhya Pradesh, MP. Currently I am staying in Mumbai. And about my qualification I have done engineering in electronics and communication and then I have done my MBA from Bengaluru in finance and marketing. This is my qualification and then I ended up being an actor.

Do you watch Telugu films? Who is your favourite here?

Hero Allu Arjun sir and Vijay devarakonda. Heroine, I really like Sai Pallavi Mam and I like Samantha also. They are really brilliant actors. I really like the way they perform in the movies. In Telugu there are a lot of favourite movies for me.

What was the challenging part of the film? How did you overcome it?

Challenging part was playing a cancer patient because you know you have to go through a lot of emotions. Moreover, for the role, at beginning of my career itself, director sir asked me that am I ready to remove my hair because the movie needed herione to be bald as it’s of cancer patient role. I said yeah okay. But because of continuity problem, he said that we will go with the makeup. So when I saw myself in the bald makeup, I was just quite because it took a lot of time for me to digest the way I was looking. But you know there were a lot of thoughts in my head during that time. Then lot of things ran in my mind. I thought how real cancer patients go through this for months, for years and how much mental pressure they will face. For me, getting into the character, going through these thoughts, experiencing the emotional side was very challenging.

What is your hobby?

I have a lot of hobbies. But one thing which is very special to me is dance. I am a trained dancer and I learnt dance from Shaimak Davar. I wanna thank him for teaching me discipline and fighting skills as well. I am trying a lot of dance forms. I am trained in Contemporary ,Hip Hop, jazz, Salsa Bollywood and Balley as well. Dance is very close to me and I wish to show my talent to all the audience. Then the next hobby is travelling. I also like to learn new skills and watch movies.


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