I Am Thrilled To Do The Role Of A Police Officer In My First Film Itself – ’22’ Hero Rupesh Kumar Choudhary


It’s a dream for many to enter into films and become successful. Only a few can achieve that fame. Rupesh Kumar Choudhary is one among those few who made his dream come true with his hard work and dedication. He is doing the role of a Police Officer whom he admires in real life too. He is very excited that his first film has been launched with the clap of his Favourite Hero Victory Venkatesh. Rupesh Kumar Choudhary starrer Action Thriller ’22’ Movie is Directed by B Shiva Kumar in Maa Aai Productions. Saloni Misra is the heroine. Hero Rupesh Kumar Choudhary is celebrating his birthday on August 2nd. On this occasion, he interacted with the press at Daspalla Hotel in Hyderabad. Excerpts from his media interaction.

What is your background?

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I came from a business family. I used to look after the business supporting my father. Out of my interest in acting, I have tried to get into films. During that period Anee master introduced me to Shiva. We did a web series. It is now in the business process. I got the confidence to do a film after doing that web series. We started this film after a thorough discussion.

How is the shoot going on?

The shoot of the film is going on smoothly as planned. Currently, we are filming chase sequences.

Tell us about your character in the film?

I am doing the role of a police officer Rudra in the film. I admire police officers since my childhood. I never thought that I will be doing the police officer role in my first film itself. Shiva Garu believed and wrote this story superbly. Thanks to him for giving me this film. I hope that I will do justice to the character.

You said that you love the police character. Do you have any inspiration regarding the role?

I admire policemen a lot. Now when I am doing this role my respect towards them has further increased. I love the role played by NTR Garu in ‘Temper’. He has lived in that role. I also find inspiration from Power Star’s ‘Gabbar Singh’.

Have you undergone any special training to do this role?

I usually don’t go to the gym. I used to do walking and yoga regularly. I am doing the gym to get into the perfect shape for this role for four, five months. I am also practicing dance, fights.

Tell us about your training in acting?

I trained under Vizag Satyanand Garu who has given coaching for many Star heroes for two years. Currently, I am training under Balu Garu for this police role.

About Shiva’s Direction?

He is doing a great job. Not only as a Director, But He is also looking after me as a friend and brother. He is very clear about the script and working very hard for this film. The audience will get to know about the hard work of our team once they see the movie.

You are a Fan of Victory Venkatesh Garu. How does it feel when he gave the first clap for your movie?

The day before the launch of the film, BA Raju Garu said that Venkatesh Garu is going to give the first clap. I was not able to sleep that night. I felt ecstatic that a Star Hero like Venkatesh Garu clapped for my first film. I felt lucky that Hero Sai Tej and many celebrities from the industry came to bless us. Special Thanks to BA Raju Garu.

Tell us about the title ’22’?

The entire story of the film runs about ’22’. The film has a lot of twists and turns. You will lose the thrill if I say more about them now. You will enjoy them while watching the film.

About Heroine and other actors?

Falaknuma Das fame Saloni Misra is acting as the heroine in our film. Heart Attack came Vikram Jeet is playing a villain. Known artists like Jayaprakash, Rajeswari Nair, Pooja Ramachandran, Ravi Varma will be seen import roles.

Tell us about Action Sequences in the film?

Joshua Master who has composed fights for ‘Khaidi No 150’, ‘Baahunali’, ‘Saaho’ is composing terrific action sequences according to the story in this film. I am training in Kung Fu, Martial Arts for these action scenes.

Are you listening to new stories?

No. My entire focus is on ’22’ now. I didn’t even think about my next. I am fully concentrated on this film. My only wish is to do good films and prove myself.


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