Jaanu Movie Review

Jaanu Movie Review

Title: Jaanu

CBFC Rating : U

Run-Time: 2 Hrs 30 Min

Release Date: 07-02-2020

Banner: Sri Venkateswara Creations

Cast: Sharwanand, Samantha Akkineni, Vennela Kishore, Varsha Bollamma, Raghu Babu and others

Music: Govind Vasantha

Cinematography: Mahendiran Jeyaraju

Editing: K. L. Praveen

Producers: Dil Raju & Sirish

Written and Directed by C. Prem Kumar


K Ramachandra (Sharwanand) and S Janaki (Samantha) are childhood friends turned lover. Unfortunately, fate separates them. Jaanu is what happens when the two meet after a gap of more than fifteen years, due to a reunion plan by the friends.


Sharwanand as K Ramachandra has come up with a sensational act in Jaanu. The movie would work only if he can bring out the innocence of the character. Sharwanand does a terrific job. Right from the start to the end he stays in the character and we only see Ramachandra.

There are many standout moments of acting from Sharwanand like the first time when he eats food from Jaanu’s plate. Or the reaction when Jaanu recounts intermediate time and not knowing Ramachandra has come. The chemistry is what makes the whole thing work.

Samantha, similarly, has come with a career-best act in Jaanu. She lives up to the huge pressure of matching an original act that is considered a classic. The greatest thing about Samantha and her acting is that we only see her and her alone.

Samantha too has many sequences back to back in the second half that is fantastic and memorable acting-wise. The break down in the bathroom and the climax moments are sure to stay with the viewer long after the show has concluded. It is class apart, wholly.

Apart from the lead pair, the younger version of the pair too has done an excellent job. They lay the foundation for what is coming ahead. Saranya Pradeep, Vennela Kishore, Tagubotu Ramesh, and others do a restrained yet entertaining act which brings a unique feel to the proceedings.


Lead Pair
Emotional Content


Slow At Times


Jaanu is a remake of classic Tamil movie 96. C Prem Kumar who directed the original directs the remake as well. He has retained the technical crew as it is for the Telugu version.

C Prem Kumar who is by now well and truly aware of the movie’s universe executes the subject with great panache and ease. There are no false notes in anyplace.

What helps Prem Kumar’s cause is a casting that fits perfectly in various roles they have been assigned. The director goes about his work freely and with great care. It shows on the big screen where the sincerity and honest intentions to deliver the best comes across.

The first half is mostly about childhood love and showcasing the current positions of those characters. The terrific connection to the younger actors gives a neat platform for the adult version to unleash their potential.

The depth of love and it’s pain is deeply reflected in the writing and performances of the lead. At no point does the narrative get heavy despite the temptations.

The second half revolves around only two actors. The command of the director over the subject and power of writing and screenplay can be seen here. The flashback interjunctions and the way they reveal the key developments are sensationally done.

Everything leads to a heart touching and emotionally draining climax. The wonderful acting from both the leads makes it outstanding. In the end, Jaanu is a memorable outing that is beautiful and won’t be forgotten easily soon.

The music by Govind Vasantha is phenomenal in establishing the mood of the movie. The background score is once in a lifetime sort. The cinematography by Mahendiran Jeyaraju is equally impressive. The writing is excellent and provides the right depth of emotions.

Producers Dil Raju & Sirish are known for their superb taste and acumen in picking subjects. He has brought another exquisite project to the Telugu audience with Jaanu. From the production values to the casting, we know his involvement, and its positive impact can be felt on the overall project.

Bottom-Line: Classic Love Story

Rating: 3.25/5


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