Jacqueline Fernandez As Gadang Rakkamma – The Queen Of Good Times In A Pure Desi Foot Tapping Number Ra Ra Rakkamma From Kichcha Sudeep’s ‘Vikrant Rona’


Kichcha Sudeep’s ‘Vikrant Rona’ is all set to introduce Jacqueline Fernandez as Gadang Rakkamma – The Queen Of Good Times in this Hugh energetic dance number, Ra Ra Rakkamma

The makers of ‘Vikrant Rona’ brings up a ravishing Dance number,  Ra Ra Rakkamma featuring Jacqueline Fernandez as Gadang Rakkamma – The Queen Of Good Times

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A highly anticipated Kichcha Sudeep’s ‘Vikrant Rona’ has been constantly keeping up hyped the vibes of the film and this time the makers keeping it up by bringing the first song from the album Ra Ra Rakkamma.

Ever since the teaser of the 3D Mystery Thriller, ‘Vikrant Rona’ has been released, the anticipation for the film has elevated to the next level, and while delivering the perfect dues for the audience wait, the makers are all set to launch a high energetic dance number from the album – Ra Ra Rakkamma, introducing the diva Jacqueline Fernandez as Gadang Rakkamma – The Queen Of Good Times. The song is sung by Mangli and Nakash Aziz with the lyrics of Ramjogayya shastry that will get you to dance to its quirky beats and signature chorus to shout out in your party arena. It will bring a perfect blend of a party number with some amazing beats to dance on, that will come out as an electrifying dance number ever encountered on the screen.

While sharing her experience of shooting the songs, Jacqueline shared “It’s really a very different song and I had a great time shooting it. The song is very well written with amazing music which makes it an electrifying dance number which will definitely going to rule the masses on the Pan India level, the best part of the song is it’s hook step that is so simple that it makes anybody want to try it once”.

As the film is released in 5 different languages the makers will be releasing all their contents in all 5 languages. The Kannada version was released on Monday, the Hindi version was released on Tuesday, and the Telugu version was released on Wednesday Tamil, and Malayalam versions will be coming out on the consecutive days ahead.

‘Vikrant Rona’ will release worldwide in 3D on July 28th, starring Kichcha Sudeepa, directed by Anup Bhandari, also starring Jacqueline Fernandez, Nirup Bhandari, and Neetha Ashok, is presented by Zee Studios, produced by Jack Manjunath under his production Shalini Artss, and co-produced by Alankar Pandian of Invenio Origins.


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