Jai Bhim & Jersey Movies Haunted Me A Lot…. Puri Jagannadh’s Style of Approach Keeps Me Excited Always – Director Satheesh Paramveda


Satheesh Paramveda is debuting as Director with ‘Ooriki Uttharana’. The songs, posters, and trailer of the film promise a different film with intense emotions. The film is releasing worldwide on 19th November. On this occasion here’s the interview of Satheesh Paramveda by Shiva Kumar B for IndustryHit.com

How did you become Director?
– I didn’t have any film background. My father was a bank manager. But, he has a theatre background. My father and my brother used to have regular discussions about films. After my graduation, I casually entered into films. While I was doing my PG I applied to Chennai Film Institute and that’s when I realized that Film making is my goal. I was fortunate to join Dil Raju gari compound during my initial stages itself. I came to know about what to do and what not to do because of that. I shaped up as a Director because of Dil Raju gari’s company. Then I worked with Maruthi Garu, Kona Venkat Garu and Sukumar Garu. Then I got this opportunity to make ‘Ooriki Uttharana’.

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Why haven’t you made your debut in Dil Raju Gari Production?
– I gave narration to Raju Garu. But, we can’t both agree about the cast. It is a boon for every director to direct in Raju Gari Production. But, somehow it didn’t happen. I always have his blessings and support. I will definitely make a film with Raju Garu.

You did a Direction course in a film institute. How did it help you while Directing your first film?
– In any field, most people can say what to do, but only experienced and knowledgeable people can say what not to do. Learning in an institute gives you that knowledge. I got introduced to world cinema in the institute during my three years of course. We learn craft there with experienced people. After working on a couple of films we will understand the practical nature of filmmaking.

What inspired you to become a Director?
– I am a bright student at academics. My brother is crazy about films. He used to narrate the story after watching a film and everyone in my house was around him listening to it. I never thought about becoming a Director. I got influenced by Ram Gopal Varma Gari and Maniratnam Gari films.

What is a successful film according to you?
– There are no rules for film-making. Everyone has their own way of narrative style. The screenplay is how we convince the audience with our style. Whatever the budget is, the origin of every film has an exciting point. The director becomes successful when he conveys that exciting point in an effective manner convincing the audience with his ideas.

I came to know that this film has faced controversies. Can you say about them?
– Controversy was raised when we used Telangana’s official Kakatiya symbol on the poster hanging a person to that arch. They say that it looks like degrading the official symbol. Actually, that was a set it resembles the official symbol but it is not. That set was crucial for the film. It brought grandeur and reach for our film. We have no intention of degrading it. We are trying to explain this to them.

How was your journey with your Hero and Producer?
– There are minor issues while making a film. But, right from day one, he gave his full support to me. We took it prestigiously and worked for this film. There were small issues during our journey but we sorted them well.

In the future when you became a Successful Director, are there any plans to produce films encouraging your assistants as Directors?
– Every Director wants to do it. We have ten stories, we can’t make all of them into films. After making our first film, we will get recognized with a particular genre and signature. We should make further films in that genre only. I definitely encourage my team when everything works out. I also want to support Director’s Association in a way that the Association would produce films encouraging Directors.

How much do you value reviews and how did they influence upcoming directors and producers?
– We must accept reviews. It’s an individual opinion. One must have an idea about films before reviewing them. I am against live updates. I appreciate putting down one’s thoughts after watching the film. It would definitely help us to know where there is scope for improvement.

Why would the audience watch your film? What do you have in your first film ‘Ooriki Uttharana’ for the audience?
– I feel Cinema is also a part of media. It reflects the incidents happening in our society. Every kind of story has an influence on a particular incident that happened around us. It acts as a triggering point. I made this film based on a problem currently faced by our society. I haven’t given a solution but I showcased the problem within my limits.

As a director, in which aspect do you want to improve yourself?
– In the coming days film-making will become much easier. Many innovative technologies are coming and making the work much easy. I wanted to learn the technological developments in art and craft to reduce the budget and at the same time deliver a quality product. I personally prefer Puri Jagannadh gari style in making the film. He makes films quickly once he gets excited with a particular point. I wanted to follow his fast-making style.

Which kind of films excites you?
– I prefer content more than casting. I would love to watch movies in all languages. Jersey and Jai Bhim films haunted me recently.

Who supported you the most in your journey? How did your family stand with you?
– We are nothing without our family. My father and my brother shaped me. I give entire credit to them.


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